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One type of diet is the best for your body and brain — but a lot of people are doing it wrong


smoothie bowl healthy eating woman tattoos

A growing body of evidence suggests that a plant-based diet — one that focuses on vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins — is the single best eating plan for your body and brain. It's beenfound to be ideal for losing weight, staying lean, and even keeping the mind sharp.

But a lot of people are doing it wrong.

For a recent study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, researchers at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health analyzed the eating habits of more than 200,000 health care workers over the course of more than 20 years. They sought to find out whether there was any observable link between their eating habits and their risk of developing coronary heart disease.

Unsurprisingly, many of the health professionals stuck to a plant-based, vegetarian diet. But among the vegetarians, eating habits differed drastically — and in some cases appeared to be less healthy than the diets of the non-vegetarians.

The researchers were able to identify three main categories of vegetarian diets from their participants: a "healthy" plant-based diet centered around whole grains, fruits, and vegetables; an "unhealthy" plant-based diet that consisted mainly of refined carbohydrates like white bread and pasta; and an "overall" plant-based diet that was somewhere in between the two. At the end of the study period, those who had kept closest to the "healthy" plant-based diet were the least likely to suffer from coronary heart disease. Those who veered more toward the "unhealthy" plant-based plan were the most at risk.

watercress salad healthy food"Not all plant foods are necessarily beneficial for health," the researchers wrote in their paper.

Still, plenty of research shows that when done correctly, plant-based diets win out over every other eating plan.

The key that this study highlights is that it is important not to fall back on refined foods like white bread and pasta. If you're thinking about switching to a plant-based diet, make sure you're eating plenty of whole grains like brown rice and whole grain bread in addition to vegetables and fruits.

The best plant-based diet for the body and mind

Cara Anselmo, a nutritionist and dietitian at New York's Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, told Business Insider that she frequently advises her clients — vegetarian or not — to ramp up their intake of plant-based foods. She also tells them to cut back on red meat and refined carbohydrates like white bread.

To keep your energy levels up and help you feel healthy in the long term, your diet needs to feed more than your stomach, Anselmo told Business Insider. It has to satiate your muscles, which crave protein; your digestive system, which runs best with fiber; and your tissues and bones, which work optimally when they're getting vitamins from food.

A healthy plant-based diet's combination of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, proteins, and fats accomplishes that goal.

This balance is also key to keeping you full after a meal and energized throughout the day so you don't feel the need to overeat, Nichola Whitehead, a registered dietitian with a private practice in the UK, told Business Insider.

"You need to have a balanced meal — things like whole grains, fiber, and vegetables — in order to sustain your blood sugar. Empty calories [like white bread or white rice] give a temporary fix," she said.

Healthy plant-based diets also appear to significantly reduce the risk of certain diseases including heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer. Recent research also suggests that certain plant-based diets could help protect the brain from some types of age-related decline.

"When you look at overall dietary patterns it's a more whole-foods, plant-based diet that tends to be healthier in terms of less disease risk," Anselmo said. "People get caught up in things like, 'Well, how much iron or Vitamin C does this have?' But the reality is that the whole foods are just going to naturally be higher in those things."

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CAMERA SHOOTOUT: The Essential Phone puts up a surprisingly good fight, but Samsung's Galaxy S8 still holds the throne


essential phone camera

It might seem unfair to pit the recently launched Essential Phone against a smartphone behemoth like Samsung, which for two years running has won accolades for the best camera in a smartphone, even surpassing the last two iPhone cameras.

And yet the Essential Phone is a $700 Android device with top-of-the-line specs, which means it's priced and designed to compete with the Galaxy S8. So, after tossing its hat into the ring, the Essential Phone must be tested against even the battle-hardened veteran. 

I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised by the Essential Phone's camera performance. Startups don't tend to produce good smartphone cameras on the first try, as seen with the first few OnePlus phones. But it seems like Essential has already found its footing with its first-ever device. 

Check out how the Essential Phone fares against the undisputed champion of the smartphone cameras, the Samsung Galaxy S8:

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First up, a shot of NYC's Flatiron Building in full sunlight.

The colors in the Essential Phone's photo are more accurate, which reflect the Flatiron Building's true colors compared to the seemingly white-washed effect on the Galaxy S8.

Here's the other side of the Flatiron Building in the shade, with the sun shining directly behind it.

The Galaxy S8 did better here, as it helped brighten up the shady face of the Flatiron Building more than the Essential Phone. It also made the windows pop a little more compared to the duller windows in the Essential Phone's photo. 

Here's a mix of sunlight and shade.

The Galaxy S8 came out on top again. The Essential Phone actually does better justice to the contrast between the shady and sunlit areas, which makes for a more dynamic and interesting photo. Yet, the sky in the Essential Phone photo is completely overblown and white, whereas the Galaxy S8 managed to retain the sky's blue color. 

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A beloved craft-brewer owned by Heineken is brewing marijuana beer — but there's a catch


marijuana plant

These days, you can find marijuana infused in everything from barbecue sauce to bath bombs. It was only a matter of time before the plant found its way into America's favorite beverage: beer.

Lagunitas Brewing Company, a California brewer that was bought by Heineken earlier this year, has released an IPA infused with marijuana. It's called Supercritical, and it's available for a limited release in California.

But there's a catch — the beer won't actually get you high. It doesn't contain THC, the psychoactive ingredient in weed.

An untrained nose might think all marijuana smells the same. But marijuana varieties, like beer, have a variety of fragrances that come from plant compounds called terpenes. Found in the sticky resin glands that hang on the bud, terpenes give marijuana its flavors and aromas.

Lagunitas takes terpenes from an oil extract and brews the mixture with hops from the Yakima Valley. The end result is a "smooth, sophisticated, and well-balanced IPA," according to one reviewer

Beer with cannabis terpenes...Vape with hop terpenes ... Stay tuned for #SuperCritical updates > LAGUNITAS.com/SuperCritical #abxvape #absolutextracts #terps @absolutextracts

A post shared by The Lagunitas Brewing Company (@lagunitasbeer) on Aug 14, 2017 at 1:20pm PDT on

Lagunitas isn't the first brewer to mix alcohol and marijuana. In 2017, Colorado-based Dude's Brewer earned federal approval to bottle and sell "General Washington's Secret Stash" — a line of weed-laced beers. Like Supercritical, the brews do not contain THC or get people stoned.

Supercritical is available in select California bars. You can find a complete list of retailers here.

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We tested 5 top ice cream brands to see which melted the fastest — here's what happened


Summertime is the apex of ice-cream season. But heat can lead to a melted mess when you're trying to enjoy an ice-cream cone.

We tested five major brands of vanilla ice cream: Baskin-Robbins, Ben & Jerry's, Friendly's, Häagen- Dazs, and Edy's. Each was kept in the same freezer for a few days to make sure each faced the same conditions.

We used the same ice-cream scoop to keep the sizes the same. Each ice-cream cone was placed in the fridge to prevent melting while the others were prepared. Then all five were put in direct sunlight on an 87 ºF day. Watch them melt right in front of your eyes.

We reached out to each brand company for comment on why they thought their ice cream melted faster, or slower, than the competition. We received responses from Baskin-Robbin and Ben & Jerry's. These are the responses we received:

"At Baskin-Robbins, we make our wide range of premium ice cream flavors using only the highest quality ingredients. As a frozen treat, we recommend that our guests enjoy their ice cream shortly after it is scooped." -Baskin-Robbins spokesperson

"Ice cream should melt. Many factors can influence the rate at which it melts. As a super-premium ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s uses higher quality ingredients and less air, which means our ice cream is denser than others." -Ben & Jerry's spokesperson

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People are paying $80,000 for 'family architects' to fix their kids through 24/7 surveillance


security camera house

• A new report in New York Magazine investigates a company that sends "family architects" into homes to help parents with their misbehaving children.

• The company, Cognitive Builders, sets up Nest Cams throughout the house to monitor interactions 24/7.

• The program cost one family $80,000.

A company that deploys "family architects" into people's homes is bringing helicopter parenting to a whole new level.

According to an investigative report in New York Magazine, more and more parents of troubled or misbehaved children are hiring a company called Cognition Builders to reform their households.

The "architects" observe family dynamics around-the-clock using security cameras — specifically, Nest Cams— which allow them to watch and listen to every interaction that occurs in the home between parents and children. When someone needs to be corrected, or something goes wrong, they can intervene with texts to parents or speak directly through the cameras. The footage is gathered to compile reports each day about what they've seen and what rules should be implemented moving forward.

It's like "merg[ing] life-coaching with 'Supernanny' with a slightly powered-up Amazon Echo," writes reporter Kim Brooks — and it's not cheap.

One family said they paid about $125 an hour over four months, adding up to a total of $80,000. Elizabeth, a mother of four children who Brooks spoke with, said she spent about $70,000 over a five-week period. Others reported their bill sailed "well into the six-figures."

Elizabeth told Brooks: "They charge you by the hour, and they charge you different rates … I mean, for that much money I could have hired five nannies. I told our consultant: this is a billionaire game, not a millionaire game. You have to be in a certain echelon to do this."

Research on affluence suggests children coming up in wealthy households have "comparable levels of delinquency" to lower-income households, but more instances of cheating and stealing from their parents and peers. To be sure, your net worth alone won't guarantee obedient and well-mannered children, according to research, but having the means to hire professional help may. That appears to be the aim of Cognitive Builders, anyway.

Though the company's program may sound like a form of therapy, the "family architects" aren't licensed psychologists. Rather, they're recent college graduates whose sole job is "watching you parent, suggesting changes, and making sure you do what they say," Brooks explains. Many of the clients also work with other specialists, like psychiatrists or social workers, outside of the home.

While asserting behavioral control over children, rather than psychological control, is a sign of successful parenting, taking it too far could morph into a "helicopter" or "lawnmower" approach. In other words, removing a child's freedom of choice, or steering them away from risk before they meet it, could be detrimental to their mental health down the road.

Cognitive Builders will send their employees in to help with any number of issues, Brooks found, from technology addiction to bad behavior to sibling rivalry. They also have "family food architects" that use a similar 24/7 surveillance approach to help you stay on track with your diet.

Ilana Kukoff, the founder of Cognitive Builders, told Brooks the company does not advertise publicly and relies only on word-of-mouth referrals, adding that they've grown 125% year-over-year since launching in 2006. This unique approach isn't meant for everyone. In fact, it's purportedly designed to meet the needs of wealthy families.

"Parents, especially those who believe the act of raising a child is a process that can be studied and optimized, will rarely shy away from seeking outside help, and Cognition Builders is the highest-end of outside help," Brooks wrote. "It is the private jet or bottle service of parenting guidance — the kind that can't be found on any blog or in any book."

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21 lottery winners who blew it all



The Powerball lottery has reached a staggering jackpot of $700 million ahead of Wednesday's drawing.

The prize is the second largest in history, behind the $1.6 billion won by three entrants in January 2016.

While buying a ticket may seem tempting, the numbers suggest that it almost certainly isn't worth it.

But even if it does pan out, winning the lottery will not solve all of life's problems.

In fact, many people's lives became notably worse after they hit the jackpot, as you can see from the following cautionary tales.

Pamela Engel, Mandi Woodruff, and Michael B. Kelley contributed to this report.

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Lara and Roger Griffiths bought their dream home … and then life fell apart.

Before they won a $2.76 million lottery jackpot in 2005, Lara and Roger Griffiths, of England, hardly ever argued.

Then they won and bought a million-dollar barn-converted house and a Porsche, not to mention luxurious trips to Dubai, Monaco, and New York City.

Their fortune ended in 2010 when a freak fire gutted their house, which was underinsured, forcing them to shell out for repairs and seven months of temporary accommodations.

Shortly after, Roger drove away in the Porsche after Lara confronted him over emails suggesting that he was interested in another woman. That ended their 14-year marriage.

Bud Post lost $16.2 million within a nightmarish year — his own brother put out a hit on him.

William "Bud" Post won $16.2 million in the Pennsylvania lottery in 1988, but he was $1 million in debt within a year.

"I wish it never happened," Post said. "It was totally a nightmare."

A former girlfriend successfully sued him for a third of his winnings, and his brother was arrested for hiring a hit man to kill him in the hopes he'd inherit a share of the winnings.

After sinking money into family businesses, Post sank into debt and spent time in jail for firing a gun over the head of a bill collector.

"I was much happier when I was broke," he said, according to The Washington Post.

Bud lived quietly on $450 a month and food stamps until his death in 2006.

Martyn and Kay Tott won a $5 million jackpot, but lost the ticket.

Martyn Tott, 33, and his 24-year-old wife, from the UK, missed out on a $5 million lottery fortune after losing their ticket.

A seven-week investigation by Camelot Group, the company that runs the UK's national lottery, convinced officials their claim to the winning ticket was legitimate. But since there is a 30-day time limit on reporting lost tickets, the company was not required to pay up, and the jackpot became the largest unclaimed amount since the lottery began in 1994.

"Thinking you're going to have all that money is really liberating. Having it taken away has the opposite effect," Kay Tott told The Daily Mail. "It drains the life from you and puts a terrible strain on your marriage. It was the cruelest torture imaginable."

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Malia Obama just moved into her dorm room at Harvard — here's a look back at her life


Malia Obama

Malia Obama just moved into her dorm room at Harvard University.

The former president's daughter had been taking a "gap year" before classes start this fall. 

Malia was most recently shown dancing to The Killers at Lollapalooza festival in Chicago this weekend, in footage obtained by TMZ.

Here's a look at her life so far:



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Malia Obama was 10 when Obama took office.

She spent her teens growing up in the White House.

With her younger sister, Sasha.

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The life and career of model-actress Louise Linton, who is married to Steve Mnuchin and just bashed a woman for paying fewer taxes than her


Vittorio Zunino Celotto GettyImages 492314015

Louise Linton, wife of US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, was in the spotlight well before her involvement with Washington insiders.

An actress and model from Edinburgh, Scotland, Linton married Mnuchin in an extravagant ceremony in June. She most recently made headlines with an Instagram photo that shows Linton and Mnuchin stepping off a government jet, adding the caption: "Great #daytrip to #Kentucky!" She tagged several high-end designers, including Tom Ford and Valentino, in the post. The resulting comments were less than charitable; Linton then bashed one commenter for being "adorably out of touch" and made her Instagram account private.

But the jet photo and ensuing comments were not the first time Linton sparked a controversy. Below, see more about her life.

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Linton was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and spent weekends in the Melville Castle Dalkeith. In an interview with the Daily Record in 2015, Linton said of the property: "The castle is definitely haunted and many people have claimed to see a ghost."

Source: Daily Record

Linton began acting professionally in 2006. Prior to that, she made a TV appearance in 2003 on VH1's short-lived reality show "Hopelessly Rich."

Source: The Wrap

She's made appearances in "CSI: NY" and "Cold Case." More recently, she starred in movies like 2016's "Intruder."

Source: IMDB

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The 20 best chain restaurants in America



Americans love chain restaurants. 

From Cracker Barrel to P.F. Chang's, there's little that brings the nation together like a love for the restaurants that span the US. At the same time, not much is more divisive than the question of what chain comes out on top.

To answer the question once and for all, Business Insider teamed up with Restaurant Business, a food-service industry expert and media outlet, to compile a ranking of the best sit-down restaurant chains in the US. Using proprietary data collected by Restaurant Business and its sister research firm Technomic, we looked at 90 of the largest sit-down US chains and rated them on three criteria: financial performance as demonstrated by sales, customer satisfaction, and overall value. 

Our calculations accounted for sales growth, average sales at each location, consumer-sentiment ratings, and the average cost of a meal, along with other metrics. 

The results revealed the dominance of some American classics, such as Cracker Barrel and Olive Garden. However, there are also some lesser-known upstarts, like Abuelo's and First Watch, that are taking on industry giants and quickly establishing themselves as some of the best chains in the country. 

Here are the top 20 best chain restaurants in the US. 

Emmie Martin, Tanza Loudenback, and Kaitlyn Yarborough contributed reporting to an earlier version of this article.

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20. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers & Brews

Headquarters: Greenwood Village, Colorado

US sales: $1.48 billion

Number of US locations: 533

Financial performance rank: 13 

Value rank: 22

Customer satisfaction rank: 22

Fans of the chain swear by burgers such as the Smoke & Pepper, the Black & Bleu, and the Madlove Burger (a Black Angus patty topped with four types of cheese, jalapeño relish, candied bacon, avocado, tomato, onion, and lettuce).

Red Robin launched a rebranding effort in 2012, updating decor, revamping restaurant layouts, and doubling down on its bar business. In January, Brian Vaccaro of financial services firm Raymond James said the company is "undervalued," and that key hires could bring the chain to new heights in 2017. 

19. P.F. Chang's China Bistro

Headquarters: Scottsdale, Arizona

US sales: $892 million

Number of US locations: 216

Financial performance rank: 19

Value rank: 42

Customer satisfaction rank: 18

P.F. Chang's debuted in the early 1990s as a partnership between Philip Chiang, owner of the staple Los Angeles Chinese restaurant Mandarette, and Paul Fleming, an Arizona restaurateur and avid Mandarette fan.

The chain is known for its lettuce wraps and dim sum. Its entire menu is made-to-order and utilizes fresh ingredients. 

18. Joe's Crab Shack

Headquarters: Houston, Texas

US sales: $370 million

Number of US locations: 113

Financial performance rank: 32

Value rank: 9

Customer satisfaction rank: 7

Joe's Crab Shack is struggling — but loyal customers still love the chain. 

In August, the mid-bankruptcy chain closed 41 restaurants without warning. Executives plan to shrink the chain from 113 locations to roughly 60, Nation's Restaurant News reported.

Despite this, Joe's Crab Shack still landed in the top 10 in terms of value and customer satisfaction. 

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34 movies you have to see this fall — including 'Justice League,' 'It,' and 'Blade Runner 2049'


Justice League Warner Bros 2 final

After a summer movie season that saw some hit movies but a lot of duds, Hollywood is looking for a rebound in the fall.

The fall season will have its share of blockbusters — from the anticipated “It” to "Thor: Ragnarok" and “Justice League” — but there will also be some titles mixed in that will compete for award season attention, like “Call Me By Your Name” and “Stronger.”

Here are 34 movies coming out this fall that you shouldn’t miss:

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"It" - September 8

The latest adaptation of Stephen King's classic novel looks to be the most chilling yet. In it, a group of bullied kids team up to take on a monster named Pennywise (that looks like a clown) that hunts kids.

"First They Killed My Father" - September 15

Netflix's next anticipated movie from a marquee name is Angelina Jolie's latest directing effort that looks back on the horrific upbringing in Cambodia of Loung Ung. Jolie cast hundreds of survivors and their children to recreate their stories. 

"mother!" - September 15

Darren Aronofsky's latest thriller stars Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem as a couple whose lives are suddenly interrupted when guests arrive at their home. Aronofsky has always had a knack for completely messing with audience's heads, and this one looks to be no different. The movie also stars Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer. 

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Here's everything you need to know about tonight's $700 million Powerball drawing



The jackpot for Wednesday night's Powerball has hit $700 million.

The drawing will occur on Wednesday, August 23, at 10:59 p.m. ET.

Powerball drawings happen every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:59 p.m. There have been 21 consecutive drawings without a winner— the latest was on Saturday, August 19.

The Powerball website has a list of TV stations airing the drawing on Wednesday night. Powerball will also stream a video of the drawing, which takes place in Tallahassee, Florida, on its website.

In Powerball, organizers draw five white balls from a drum of 69 and one red ball — the "powerball" — from a drum of 26. Each $2 ticket lists five numbers between 1 and 69 and one between 1 and 26. Players can choose the numbers or have them chosen randomly via the Quick Pick option.

A player will win the $700 million jackpot on Wednesday if their ticket matches all five numbers (in any order) and the red powerball.

If no one wins, the next Powerball drawing will be on Saturday.

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4 lottery winners who lost it all

New York City's famed Plaza Hotel is once again looking for a buyer — here's why it's so legendary


plaza hotel entrance

New York City's Plaza Hotel has been one of the world's most iconic accommodations since its opening in 1907. At the corner of Fifth Avenue and Central Park South, its location is only one factor contributing to the hotel's rise as a premiere destination for celebrities, writers, and leaders.

Some of history's wildest parties and most memorable events have taken place inside, and today it remains as opulent as ever. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, the hotel's owners have recently taken steps to sell the iconic property, hiring a broker to market it to foreign buyers. The Plaza has had numerous owners over the years, including Conrad Hilton and Donald Trump. Indian conglomerate Sahara Group has been the majority owner since 2012. 

The hotel could be worth as much as $560 million, the WSJ reported.

We've put together a collection of photos that showcase how the hotel became so legendary, as well as what guests can expect to find at the breathtaking space today.

Talia Avakian contributed reporting to an earlier version of this article.

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The Plaza Hotel was the dream of financier Bernhard Beinecke, hotelier Fred Sterry, and Harry S. Black. The three purchased a 15-year-old hotel of the same name on the site — the original Plaza that ran from 1890 to around 1905 — and replaced it with the hotel we know today.

It officially opened its doors to the public October 1, 1907, and quickly caught attention thanks to its location at Fifth Avenue and Central Park South, one of New York's most fashionable residential areas at the time.

Construction of the 19-story hotel took two years and cost $12 million, an unprecedented sum in those days.

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'Psychologically scarred' millennials are killing countless industries with their strange habits — but here are the brands they actually like


Millennials are hurting dozens of industries, from beer to napkins. 

But the young demographic is also helping some industries. Ad agency Moosylvania analyzed 15,000 responses from millennials — age 17 to 37 — that the agency has collected over the last five years on their favorite 100 brands

There are many complex reasons millennials' preferences differ from prior generations', including less financial stability and memories of growing up during the recession.

"I think we have got a very significant psychological scar from this great recession," Morgan Stanley analyst Kimberly Greenberger told Business Insider.

We've selected their 25 favorites that are poised to grow. 


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25. Kohl's

Headquarters: Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

Why it's hot with millennials: Kohl's rewards program ensures customer loyalty without needing a store credit card. 

24. Express

Headquarters: Columbus, Ohio

Why it's hot: Express rewards shoppers by not just using their store credit cards, but by getting involved with Express in other ways, too — like retweeting its tweets and singing up for its text message alerts. 

23. Under Armour

Headquarters: Baltimore, Maryland

Why it's hot: Under Armour has exploded in popularity in recent years thanks to signing famous athletes like Stephen Curry and smart marketing of its performance-wear. 

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Here's how much your favorite TV show hosts make


Ellen DeGeneres

Whether it's movie stars or directors, everyone is flocking to TV and streaming lately to cash in. But the money has always been there for TV show hosts.

They are the ones who are in our living rooms on a daily basis, and since the 1950s executives have shaped TV hosts — whether they be on morning shows or late night — to have a quality that makes them almost feel like they are part of our family. And that leads to big bucks.

Variety has compiled the biggest estimated annual salaries of reality, news, and talk show hosts. There's newbies to the game like Mike Meyers, Jamie Foxx, and Megyn Kelly, and then there are the big hitters like Ryan Seacrest, Ellen DeGeneres, and Judith Sheindlin (you know here better as Judge Judy).

Here are the top 20 paid hosts:

Note: Some of these figures below include fees for producing and back-end compensation. 

SEE ALSO: 34 movies you have to see this fall — including "Justice League," "It," and "Blade Runner 2049"

Mike Myers (“The Gong Show”) - $3 million

Jamie Foxx (“Beat Shazam”) - $ 3 million

Alec Baldwin (“Match Game”) - $3 million

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9 over-the-top purchases you could make if you won the $700 million Powerball jackpot


Screen Shot 2017 08 23 at 11.16.02 AM

Yes, we know the chances of winning are extremely slim, and you probably wouldn't want to take the lump sum anyway.

But dreaming never hurt anyone. We've compiled a list of some of the most outrageously expensive things you could do and buy — with a clean conscience — if you were to take home the insane $700 million Powerball lottery jackpot.

Even if you made these purchases, you'd still have a lot of cash left over.

Raisa Bruner contributed reporting to an earlier version of this article.

SEE ALSO: The life and career of model-actress Louise Linton, who is married to Steve Mnuchin and just bashed a woman for paying fewer taxes than her

You could start small, picking up the most expensive ride in the world: the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO. Sold at auction for $38 million in 2014, the GTO would barely make a dent in a lottery winner's net worth.

Source: Business Insider

When you're ready to start spending, a private jet would be a good way to go. While normal top-of-the-line jets go for the $65 million range, as a lottery winner you might want to consider the $400 million Airbus A380.

Source: MSN

If you're looking to buy real estate in the US, you could purchase the most expensive home currently on the market for $350 million. The 25,000-square-foot Bel Air estate was featured on the 1960s TV show "The Beverly Hillbillies."

Source: The Real Deal

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Melania Trump and Chelsea Clinton fire back at critics of Barron's casual style


Melania Trump

It turns out that Melania Trump and Chelsea Clinton have something in common — they both think an 11-year-old's clothing choices are off limits to the media. 

After conservative site The Daily Caller ran an op-ed targeting Barron Trump's casual clothing choices, Clinton sent out a tweet that implored the public to leave him alone.

On Tuesday evening, the first lady responded with a tweet that expressed her appreciation for Clinton's defense of her son. Melania has made stopping cyberbullying one of her top causes as first lady.

Barron is semi-frequently photographed walking across the White House's South Lawn with his family as they return from trips around the country. He's usually seen in a shirt from J. Crew's kid's line, and he has even been pictured with a fidget spinner and a backpack.

The op-ed that started it all, titled "It's High Time Barron Trump Starts Dressing Like He's In the White House," took issue with that. It reads: "His dad is always looking dapper and his mom has become a worldwide fashion icon since becoming first lady. The youngest Trump doesn't have any responsibilities as the president's son, but the least he could do is dress the part when he steps out in public."

Many have defended Barron in the controversy that followed, saying that he's just a kid being a kid.

As for Melania, some have criticized the first lady for wearing expensive designer clothing. In May, she was photographed in Italy wearing a $51,000 Gucci coat, which Business Insider noted cost more than most Americans make in a year.

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23 of the most incredible works of Burning Man art ever made



This year's Burning Man — the wild annual festival in Nevada's Black Rock Desert — will start on August 27.

One of the main spectacles at Burning Man are the outlandish, elaborate, and zany sculptures and structures that attendees create there.

Many are intentionally destroyed at the end of the festival, since part of Burning Man's mission is to leave no trace, but some have moved to other locations around the world.

We've rounded up 23 of the most stunning works from past festivals. Check them out below.

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Bliss Dance by Marco Cochrane (2010)

After debuting at Burning Man 2010, the 40-foot-tall sculpture moved to San Francisco's Treasure Island and then permanently to The Park Las Vegas, an outdoor area on the strip, in 2015.

The Prairie Wind Chapel by Robert Hoehn and Wind Tribe (2015)

This airy temple featuredVictorian reed organ and two wood and metal pipe organs.

R-Evolution by Marco Cochrane (2015)

Constructed of steel rods and balls covered in stainless-steel mesh, and lots of LEDs, R-Evolution was a 48-foot-tall sculpture of a woman. It was part of a series by Chochrane that also included the Bliss Dance sculpture shown earlier.

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How winning the lottery affects happiness, according to psychology research


powerball lottery ticket

  • At 10:59 p.m. ET on Wednesday, a lucky winner could take home the $700 million Powerball jackpot.
  • Most people assume winning would make them happier, but some research indicates lottery winners struggle to enjoy everyday pleasures.
  • Some researchers think people have a set point for happiness and big changes don't affect it as much as we imagine.

You know what sounds pretty great? Finding out that you've won the $700 million Powerball jackpot.

The lump sum minus taxes yields about $293 million to play with, depending on where you live. Divide that by two or three to account for multiple winners, and it's still a ton of money. Buying a ticket may not be a financially rational decision, but you'd imagine that winning even a chunk of that money would make you super happy — right?

If you're not happy already, winning the lottery might not make a difference in the long term.

scrooge mcduck

The psychology of rolling in piles of cash

There's some fascinating research on the psychology of lotteries. Studies have found that people are compelled to buy tickets because we have a hard time processing just how unlikely a win is and give ourselves reasons to think we could somehow win.

Some research has also suggested that the desire to play the lottery may be stronger among people with lower incomes who hope to escape difficult financial circumstances.

But perhaps most interestingly, research indicates that winning the lottery doesn't make people happier in the long term. Contrary to popular belief, however, it doesn't seem to make people more likely to go on spending sprees that leave them broken and unhappy either.

Winners mostly report ending up about as happy as they were before winning.

A classic 1978 study on this compared 22 lottery winners with 22 control-group members (who didn't win any money) and 29 people who were paralyzed in accidents.

In general, the lottery winners reported being happier than the people with paraplegia or quadriplegia — a 4 out of 5 versus a 2.96 out of 5. The control group averaged 3.82 out of 5, not significantly different from lottery winners. However, lottery winners reported getting the least enjoyment from what researchers called "mundane pleasures" — enjoyable aspects of everyday life like eating breakfast or talking with a friend.

Researchers were surprised that lottery winners didn't report being significantly happier than non-winners, and that the average among people who had been in accidents was above the scale's midpoint. Overall, winning the lottery didn't increase happiness as much as others thought it would, and a catastrophic accident didn't make people as unhappy as one might expect.

As Melissa Dahl noted in Science of Us, this is how the authors described how winning might make it harder to enjoy everyday life:

"Eventually, the thrill of winning the lottery will itself wear off. If all things are judged by the extent to which they depart from a baseline of past experience, gradually even the most positive events will cease to have impact as they themselves are absorbed into the new baseline against which further events are judged. Thus, as lottery winners become accustomed to the additional pleasures made possible by their new wealth, these pleasures should be experienced as less intense and should no longer contribute very much to their general level of happiness."

Hedonic adaptation

Although the 1978 study was small, a 2008 study of Dutch lottery winners reported similar findings. Those authors found that people who earned more money reported being happier — something psychologists have found is true up to a certain income threshold— but "lottery winnings do not make households happier."

The concept at play here is called hedonic adaptation. People have been shown to return to a kind of set point of happiness after events that we assume will have a big effect on how we feel.

"Some of us have our thermostat set to happy. Some are set to depressed. Meanwhile, others are somewhere in between," the psychologist Robert Puff wrote in Psychology Today. "When we experience a major event, say winning the lottery or becoming paralyzed, our thermostat may temporarily swing up or down. But over time, it returns to its usual setting."

There are things that we can do to influence our happiness, however, including cultivating strong relationships, spending time and money on fun experiences, and exercising. Perhaps a lucky lottery winner could devote their newfound wealth to those sorts of goals. But winning itself doesn't seem to be enough to boost happiness in the long term.

Still, it's pretty fun to imagine what that money could be used for — a mental state some psychologists say is perhaps the best reason to play the lottery in the first place.

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Delta has fancy new amenity kits for its premium cabin — here's what's inside (DAL)


Delta One TUMI amenity kits

On Wednesday, Delta unveiled the new TUMI amenity kits for its international and long-haul domestic flights. The refreshed amenity kits will debut on September 1 with various versions available in all of its cabin classes.

"Every detail incorporated into our TUMI amenity kit has been thoughtfully selected with our customers' needs and preferences in mind – no matter how big or small," Delta's senior vice president for in-flight service, Allison Ausband said in a statement. "We are excited to offer customers the ability to monogram their amenity kits and create a personalized souvenir to take with them as they jet-set across the globe."

For the airline's Delta One premium cabin, the kits feature TUMI cases with skin care products from Kiehl’s to create what it calls a "spa-like experience in the sky." The Delta One kit features Kiehl’s Lip Baum #1, grapefruit-scented lotion with aloe vera and oatmeal, a dental kit, a TUMI eye mask, socks, ear plugs and more. 

For international flights departing the US, passengers will receive the kit in a silver hard-sided TUMI case, while flights headed for the US will get the kit in a soft-sided TUMI case. Certain transcontinental flights from Boston, New York, and Washington D.C. on the east coast to Los Angeles and San Francisco will also be equipped with the kits. 

Passengers traveling in the airline's new Delta Premium Select cabin will get a version of the TUMI kits as well. Delta's new international premium economy cabin will debut onboard its fleet of Airbus A350 jets this fall. Premium select passengers will receive their kits in a soft blue TUMI Case.

These kits feature Malin+Goetz vitamin B lotion, a dental kit, an eye mask, ear plugs, and socks. 

Delta Comfort Plus and main cabin passengers will also get new, but much less elaborate amenity kits.

Here's a closer look at Delta's new amenity kits. 

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Here are the new Delta One amenity kits!

This is the hard-sided TUMI case.

This is the soft-sided TUMI case.

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