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A favorite way of cooking in the summer might be bad for you — here's how to do it right


barbecue hotdogs chicken burgers

The weather is getting warmer, and the smell of people grilling is starting to fill the evening air.

And while that cooking method does produce a delicious, smoky flavor for the meat, it's also potentially increasing your risk of certain kinds of cancer.

On the heels of its April report with the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) that looked at factors that have a relationship to stomach cancer, the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) has come out with guidelines about grilling. 

In that report, they found in particular that three factors were linked with a higher-than-average risk of developing stomach cancer: a high body fat percentage, a high alcohol intake, and a high intake of processed meats. That means that while the average risk for stomach cancer for most people remains fairly low, it may be somewhat higher in people who can check off all of these factors. 

And while the evidence is still limited, some research suggests that grilled or barbecued meats may be especially unhealthy. One reason?

Cooking meat at high temperatures, which is what you do when you grill something, can lead to the formation of substances called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and heterocyclic amines (HCAs). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Cancer Institute, these substances may be carcinogenic; severalstudies have documented this link. 

"Smoking or charring meat also contributes to the formation of PAHs," AICR's head of nutrition Alice Bender said in a release.

That's not to say though that you have to ditch grilling entirely, just that there are some steps you can take to avoid having your meat on high temperatures for such a long time.

Instead, the AICR suggests:

  1. Marinading your meat, which has been linked to less HCA formation during the cooking process.
  2. Pre-cooking in the oven or stovetop first before exposing it to flames of the grill.
  3. Going lean to avoid charring and flare-ups that occur as the fire burns up fat.
  4. Mixing in veggies with smaller cuts of meat for a shorter cooking time.
  5. Sticking to grilling fruits and vegetables (those don't produce HCAs). 

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The 15 best American cities for young college grads


young peopleAs the most recent crop of college seniors have been awarded their diplomas, the next important decision many will make is where they should move now that they've graduated.

A ranking of the best major metropolitan areas from the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) may help students having trouble making the call.

AIER calculated its list using nine economic, demographic, and quality-of-life factors. AIER defines major metropolitan cities as having over 2.5 million residents.

The report states that the most important factor in determining where recent graduates should relocate is the prevalence of other young recent grads.

"The location you choose to go to college determines where you will likely spend the next four years of your life, and possibly where you will start your career," Amanda Knarr, program coordinator at AIER, said in a press release. "Our ranking reflects the characteristics that make cities attractive to the average college student."

In addition to the overall ranking, college-student population, and overall city population, we also included each city's highest-scoring metric and rank.

Scroll through to find out the 15 best American cities for young college grads.

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15. Miami, Florida

Overall city population: 5,930,416

College-student population: 445,865

Best city factor: Bars and restaurants (No. 4)


14. St. Louis, Missouri

Overall city population: 2,801,285

College-student population: 193,985

Best city factor: Rent (No. 1)

13. Atlanta, Georgia

Overall city population: 5,580,601

College-student population: 407,257

Best city factor: Bars and restaurants (No. 1)

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How to choose the best steak for the grill


Choosing the right meat for grilling can be a daunting process. One of our favorite neighborhood butchers, Jason Wachtelhausen of Harlem Shambles, gave us the lowdown on everything you need to know to stroll up to the butcher counter with confidence. 

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8 killer arm workouts you can do virtually anywhere


Arm Exercises 15

Strengthening your arms is no easy feat. 

From your triceps to your palms, there are a lot of muscles to work. 

To get the best workout, we turned to New York University physical-therapy professor Marilyn Moffat, who wrote the book "Age Defying Fitness." 

Moffat walked us through the best exercises for your arms that require little to no equipment. 

These workouts are even better in combination, so feel free to mix and match. Repeat or hold each exercise until it gets to be too much, building up at your own pace. And remember: If you encounter any unusual pain or problems as you work out, stop and consult a doctor or physical therapist. 

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Exercise #1: Get started in a plank. A standard plank works more than just your arms, but it's key to activating everything from your forearms to your deltoids.

For a modified plank, go onto your forearms. You'll still feel the burn along your arms. It might be worth using a yoga mat for this one.

If you want to take your plank to the next level, lift up one leg for a few seconds. Then do the other one.

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Foodies are flocking to Portland, Maine — here's why


portland maine

There's a reason Maine is often called "Vacationland." Though the winters are bitterly cold, during the summer and fall the state's coastal cities buzz with tourists looking to make the most of the state's beaches, harbors, and growing culinary scene.

Portland, especially, has become a destination for food-loving travelers, with innovative local restaurants like Eventide, with its 12 varieties of Maine oysters, and the wildly popular sandwich shop Duckfat.

Maine is an enormous state packed with towns worth visiting, but for the purpose of this story, we're focusing on what you can get done in a summer weekend in Portland, the state's biggest city. 

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Portland is a city of roughly 65,000 people on the southern coast of the state.

Portland is about an hour-long flight away from New York City, or a two-and-a-half-hour train ride from Boston.

Much of the city's tourist activity is centered in the Old Port, which has plenty of boutiques, restaurants, and bars.

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We compared two grocery store chains that have fierce cult followings to see which one is better — and the winner is clear (KR)


Wegmans 19

When it comes to grocery stores with cult followings, two legendary chains stand out: Kroger and Wegmans. 

Krogeris famous for its low prices, while fans say that the Wegmans shopping experience is second to none. 

In an effort to determine which grocery brand reigns supreme, Business Insider decided to visit both chains and take stock of what each have to offer. 

Here's how the two grocery stores compare:

Driving up to the Wegmans in Charlottesville, Virginia, it was immediately clear that this wouldn't be a normal shopping trip.

Wegmans is huge. Once we entered the store, however, we realized that it isn't just large — it's a behemoth.

According to the company, locations stock up to 70,000 products. That's a ton, compared to the slightly more than 40,000 products that the average supermarket stocks, according to the Food Marketing Institute.

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9 cities that celebrate the Fourth of July like it's their job


boston fourth of july celebrations

There are people who are proud to be American, and then there are cities that bust out the red, white, and blue like it's nobody's business.

To celebrate the Fourth of July, we found the most patriotic cities in the US.

We based this list of several criteria, including the percentage of people who are veterans — according to the 2012 American Community Survey— and the percentage of residents 18 and over who voted in the 2012 presidential election. Personal finance site Wallet Hub releases an annual ranking of the best places to celebrate the Fourth, which we also considered.

Melissa Stanger contributed reporting to a previous version of this article.

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Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia is for lovers, veterans, and government employees — with more than 150,000 people working for the government in some capacity. On the national holiday, residents of Virginia Beach head to the shoreline to enjoy a concert from the Quantico Marine Corps Band's Concert Band and Rock Band, food, and fireworks.

St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis bills its annual Fourth of July festivities as "America's Biggest Birthday Party" — and it's only a slight exaggeration. Forest Park, the grounds that once hosted the 1905 World Fair, host a music festival — which this year features Akon, 3 Doors Down, and country superstar Jake Owen — as well as fireworks displays and air shows.

Omaha, Nebraska

Fireworks enthusiasts flock to Omaha each year for the seven fireworks displays spread between July 1 and 4. This year, the largest city in Nebraska hosts Kool & the Gang for its concert and fireworks spectacular at Memorial Park. Locals can also catch a historical reenactment at the 19th-century military fort or partake in patriotic-themed activities at the Omaha Children's Museum.

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MAPPED: The richest person in every state


Bill Gates

Forbes has released its third annual list of the richest person in each US state, and the cumulative wealth amounts to over $745 billion.

We've mapped out each state to show you every state's richest resident, along with a breakdown of his or her individual net worth.

The list includes leaders from several industries including tech (Bill Gates), retail (Jim and Alice Walton), and finance (Warren Buffett).

It's worth noting that some of the country's wealthiest individuals — like Amazon's Jeff Bezos — are not the wealthiest resident of their own state and therefore are not included on this list.

Check out Forbes' full list here.

BI Graphics_The richest person in every state_UPDATED

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The 15 most expensive vacation towns in America — and how much it costs to buy a home there


crestview lane hamptons

Buying a vacation home may be as close as you can get to buying peace of mind.

That is, unless you spend too much money and cause yourself endless headaches as a result.

Vacation homes, which accounted for 12% of all home sales in 2016, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), tend to be located 200 miles from the buyer's primary residence. Being near a beach (36%), at the lake (21%), or in the country (20%) were the most popular destinations.

To avoid vacation-home stress, the standard measure for "affordable" housing still applies. All in — between your primary residence and your getaway home — total monthly housing expenses should not exceed 30% of your pre-tax income.

Many vacation-home buyers keep their monthly carrying costs low by paying more upfront. About one in four (28%) buyers paid cash for the purchase, and among those who used a mortgage, nearly half put down 30% or more, according to the NAR.

The median vacation home buyer in 2016 earned $89,900 and paid $200,000 to purchase the property.

But that price is only a fraction of the cost to buy a home in the most expensive vacation towns in the US, based on data from real estate listing website Trulia. Trulia compiled the most expensive vacation markets in the US based on median listing prices. To be included in the ranking, each zip code had to have at least 3,000 homes with 5% vacant for seasonal or occasional use.

Keep reading to see how much it costs to buy a home in the 15 most expensive vacation towns in America.

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15. Sanibel, Florida

Median Listing Price: $759,000

14. Islamorada, Florida

Median Listing Price: $775,000

13. Harvey Cedars, New Jersey

Median Listing Price: $798,500

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Here's the favorite drink of every US president



To celebrate Independence Day many American's will be cracking open a beer to celebrate the country's founding fathers. 

No one knows more about political drinking than author Mark Will-Weber, whose book "Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt: The Complete History of Presidential Drinking" explores the stories behind each president's favorite alcoholic beverage.

"Presidents drink for the same reasons we all drink," Will-Weber recently told Business Insider. "Sometimes because it's part of the job, sometimes it's because they're lonely or depressed — there's a whole gamut of reasons of why people drink."

For Will-Weber, knowing what the former presidents like to drink brings a "human side" to those who we "normally hold on a pedestal."

Ahead, take a look at the president's favorite alcoholic beverages, rounded up from Will-Weber's book and The New York Post.

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Our first president, George Washington, was a whiskey drinker, as were Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, Zachary Taylor, and Andrew Johnson. According to Will-Weber, Johnson was so inebriated when he arrived at the 1865 inauguration as Lincoln's vice president that he had to be pulled off the stage.

John Adams reportedly started every morning with a hard cider. William Henry Harrison was also a big fan.

According to Will-Weber, Thomas Jefferson purchased so much wine it put him on the brink of financial ruin.

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13 things you can do in your 30s to live without regrets


skydiving risk danger adrenaline

The internet may be made up of millions of anonymous strangers, but those strangers can still share some pretty great life advice.

One of the most common questions to come up on Reddit's AskReddit threads is young people asking how to live without regret.

Thousands of people have weighed in over the last several years, offering advice to people of all ages.

Here are some of the shiniest pearls of wisdom from people over 40 to people still in their 30s.

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"Big goals are just checkpoints and have far less punch in hindsight."

"Big goals are just checkpoints and have far less punch in hindsight. The day-to-day moments of sitting around with friends, cuddling on the couch, laughing together at a funny joke, those moments burn in memory and hold all of the real importance. Attaining or not attaining goals seems to have nothing to do with happiness. Looking back, some of my biggest failures that seemed so catastrophic at the time, feel meaningless. They are just part of my story. The people I've lost, I miss every day. It's only about the people." — clickclickfizzle

"Multitasking is an oxymoron."

"I regret ... living in a shallow blur, by doing too many things adequately vs. a few meaningful things really, really well.

"Multitasking is an oxymoron, and your inbox will always be full — that is its job. But being excellent in a few cherished things (playing piano, skiing, photography, whatever) gives a lasting reward." — mustlovecash

"Stay fit and healthy guys. It's a long way back once you lose it!"

"I got married in my late 20s and really settled into a sedentary lifestyle right through my 30s. Stacked on too much weight and the lack of exercise and terrible diet now sees me having some fairly significant health issues before I even hit 45.

"Stay fit and healthy guys. It's a long way back once you lose it!" — Ozguy23

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Meet the rich and powerful people who live on 'Billionaire Lane' in the Hamptons


Meadow lane property

Owning a big apartment in New York City is great, but having a mansion in the Hamptons is a privilege only the 1% of the 1% can enjoy.

And there may be no more exclusive place to own an East End home than Southampton's Meadow Lane, which Forbes once dubbed "Billionaire Lane."

Take a look at some of the most exclusive properties and their billionaire owners, below:

Megan Willett contributed reporting to an earlier version of this story.

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Meadow Lane is one of the most expensive addresses in the country, and no wonder — it runs along a coveted beachfront strip in one of the most exclusive towns in the Hamptons. The millionaires and billionaires who live there all reside within throwing distance on the same stretch of road.

Source: Forbes


They also live within easy access of the Southampton Heliport, useful to anyone who travels from Manhattan to the Hamptons by helicopter.

Source: Forbes

In mid-2014, the Hamptons home where Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson holed up in "Something's Gotta Give" sold for $41 million to hotel mogul Jimmy Tisch of Loews Corp. The 8,000-square-foot mansion has 11 bedrooms.

Source: New York Daily News

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Here's what it's like to spend July 4th in the most expensive vacation town in America


Hamptons party

Good company, delicious food, and plenty of sunshine: That's the winning formula for any summer vacation.

But in certain corners of the country, the summer soirées seem a bit more extravagant.

We turned to Instagram to find out how the most expensive vacation town in America— Southampton, New York — is celebrating this 4th of July.

The occasion is filled with pool parties, fancy backyard dinners, and beautiful views.

Scroll through the photos below to see for yourself:

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Southampton, New York, is located on the East End of Long Island in the Hamptons.

Instagram Embed:
Width: 800px


At least 5% of the homes in Southampton are occupied seasonally, and it doesn't come cheap. The median listing price for a home in the area is $1,950,000, making it the most expensive vacation town in America, according to Trulia.

Instagram Embed:
Width: 800px


The seaside town is a hotspot for travelers during the summer, especially for those looking to escape New York City for a long weekend.

Instagram Embed:
Width: 800px


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5 of the biggest style mistakes guys make in the warm weather — and what to do instead


Tuxedo shorts

Summer's here, and with it comes a whole new wardrobe — and a whole new opportunity for wardrobe mistakes.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

We've identified five of the most common mistakes that happen when men try to dress for the warmer months.

We also included solutions to those problems, so there's no excuse now.

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The mistake: Going too far with sandals and flip flops.

Just because the weather is warm doesn't mean you should let your feet fly free. Many men see the warmer months as a chance to show everyone their disgusting, unpedicured feet. It shouldn't be this way.

Unless you're going to the beach, all heels, toes, and nails should remain inside the safe confines of a shoe at all times. 

"Men's toes are, in general, unsightly," Donnie Kwak, editor at Complex magazine, told Mashable last year.

It doesn't matter how hot it is — there's absolutely no need to wear sandals or flip flops with casual clothes. Beyond etiquette rules, this is just unsanitary.

If you won't take our word for it, just listen to Mick Jagger.

The solution: Wearing actual shoes.

The mistake: Wearing sunglasses that don't quite fit your face.

Everybody loves the look of Ray-Ban Wayfarers and the classic aviator shape. Unfortunately, regardless of what you might believe from seeing these styles in your favorite movies, they really only fit larger faces. If you don't have the face for it, the styles will look awkward and disproportionate.

The solution: Try sunglasses on before you buy them. Go to an actual store with a friend who will tell you honestly what they think of them.

Another method, if you're a fan of Warby Parker's styles, is to take advantage of its home try-on program. That way, you can try on five styles at your leisure for a few days, asking everyone from your mother to strangers on the street how they think you look.

The mistake: Wearing shorts in the wrong environment.

Look, shorts are great. We're big fans of men wearing shorts in the warmer months — provided they're doing it right.

What we don't like? Shorts where they don't belong. Any dress code above "casual" requires pants, including most workplaces. 

Solution: Know when it's appropriate to wear shorts, and, in general, err on the side of pants. No man should ever think he's going to impress his date with a slick pair of chino shorts. When the sun goes down, the shorts go away, too.

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7 of the most common myths about beer, debunked


beer 4x3

Beer has been around for thousands of years. And though it's one of the most popular beverages in the world, it's also commonly misunderstood. 

Even regular drinkers frequently cite myths about how beer can get skunked or how many calories dark beers contain.

We talked to Sheri Jewhurst and Xavier Jirau, respectively the "dictator" and scientific adviser for Brooklyn homebrew club The Brewminaries, to get to the truth about beer.

How many of these facts did you already know?

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1. When beer gets skunked

Beer Myths 1

2. The relationship between color and strength

Beer Myths 3

3. Ideal serving temperature

Beer Myths 2

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How to grill the perfect steak


As summer heats up, it's time to perfect your grilling technique.

We reached out to professional chef David Mawhinney of Haven's Kitchen in New York to talk about the best cuts of steak to grill, as well as how to temper, season, and finish your meats.

Keep this graphic of his best advice handy at your next BBQ.

How to cook the perfect steak

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The 16 coolest airline paint jobs in the world


Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400As airlines and airplanes have evolved, so have their "liveries" — the exterior designs, including paint colors and logos, on the aircraft.

As planes crisscross the globe, their exterior graphics not only represent the companies that operate them but in many instances also serve as visual ambassadors for their respective homelands.

A great airline livery gives onlookers a taste of a carrier's values or its culture's ethos in an attractive and effective color scheme.

Airlines like Southwest, Spirit, and American have updated their liveries in recent years, with mixed results.

Others have hit home runs. Here's a selection of 15 airline exterior designs that look simply amazing.

SEE ALSO: RANKED: The 20 best airlines in the world

16. WOW Air. Since its founding in 2014, WOW Air has made headlines for its low prices. However, the Icelandic ultra low-cost carrier's bright fuchsia paint job has proven to be equally attention grabbing.

15. British Airways: With a waving Union Jack adorning the tail, British Airways delivers a modern take on traditional British elegance.

14. Malaysia Airlines: Even though the A380's future in the airline's fleet remains uncertain, the plane's blue and white livery is unquestionably beautiful.

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A nutritionist explains what to do if you 'cheated' on your healthy diet this 4th of July


eating wine meal

If there's nothing more American than apple pie, it doesn't seem very patriotic to abstain from it on the 4th of July.

Nichola Whitehead, a registered dietitian and nutritionist, says that's perfectly okay. Eating healthy is about making a lifestyle commitment that you can maintain for life. That means that the occasional "indulgence" — a perfectly charred burger or a slice of apple pie — is just fine, even if you know you've already had too much.

"It's alright to overeat occasionally," Whitehead told Business Insider.

That means that during a holiday barbeque or weekend ice cream outing, it's okay to "cheat" on your healthy eating plan. Problems don't typically arise until you start to revert to unhealthy eating habits repeatedly.

So, if you splurged on three different desserts this Independence Day and you find yourself consistently craving sweets after meals over the next few days, try having a piece of fresh fruit, drinking more water, or going for a walk instead.

"It’s overeating consistently day in and day out over the long term that causes weight gain," she said.

fourth of july american flag dessert cupcake food party patrioticKeep in mind, too, that if you've managed to switch from subsisting on burgers and pastries to a diet that's based mainly around vegetables and whole grains, you've already done the majority of the work. If you've been eating this way for a while, your body may have already begun to self-regulate, said Whitehead.

"If you overeat one night you'll probably be less hungry the following day" she said. "So it's really important to listen to your body."

That involves taking the time to pay attention to cravings and especially to what Whitehead calls "triggers" — factors in your environment that might make you want to eat even when you aren't hungry. "Being aware of what you're craving is important. Are you craving chocolate because you've just seen it? Do you just need to relocate or move the chocolate inside a cupboard? Are you feeling emotional about something? Do you need to talk with your friends or maybe take a walk instead?"

Eating healthy over the long term involves noticing these cues and doing your best to follow them most of the time. That said, it's still acceptable to override them every once in a while.

"It's what you're doing over the long term that's really going to make a difference," says Whitehead.

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A popular pre-workout food may be the cause of some unpleasant symptoms


cranberry protein bars snacks snacking

Getting ready to work out is often the hardest part of exercising. You need a plan, a place to do it, the right kind of clothes, good shoes, and enough energy.

Caffeine can help you feel more energetic — but so can certain foods. Unfortunately, some of the same foods that athletes rely on for quick energy — including protein bars and some fruits — may also cause a range of unwelcome symptoms including gas, bloating, and even diarrhea. (Endurance athletes might know the symptoms linked with some of these foods as "runner's trots.")

The problem is that many so-called "power" foods contain a type of simple carbohydrate known as FODMAPs (Fermentable, Oligo-, Di-, Mono-saccharides and Polyols) that our small intestine has a rough time processing. Ironically, they're also a frequent ingredient on many protein and energy bars. Oligosaccharides, for example, are also typically found in wheat and some types of legumes — two ingredients that are repeat offenders on protein bars since the carbohydrates in wheat are a great source of quick energy and the protein in legumes (i.e. soy-based protein) help power muscles. The same goes for disaccharides, the kind of FODMAP frequently found in milk (i.e. whey protein).

apple slices 2Other FODMAPs include fruits like apples, pears, and watermelon; vegetables like asparagus and celery; dairy products like milk and cheese; legumes like lentils and chickpeas; and many breads or wheat-based cereals.

Most of what we know about FODMAPs today comes from Peter Gibson, a professor of gastroenterology at Monash University in Australia. In 2011, Gibson spearheaded a study into gluten sensitivity which found that in many cases, people who believe they are sensitive to gluten are really sensitive to another ingredient in many gluten-containing foods — FODMAPs. When Gibson placed the people with self-identified "gluten sensitivity" on a low-FODMAP diet, their symptoms — gas, bloating, discomfort — vanished.

In later studies, Gibson found that people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) were especially sensitive to FODMAPs. Similarly, slashing these foods from their diet was recently found to be helpful for many.

If you're a healthy person who also happens to be an athlete, FODMAPs may also be a source of discomfort.

Whether you're a long-distance runner, a swimmer, a sprinter, or a power yogi, intense physical training can put the body under a significant amount of stress. That includes the digestive system. A study in the journal Current Sports Medicine Reports found that up to 71% of long-distance runners experience abdominal cramping and diarrhea.

A case study published last year in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism on a male athlete with no diagnosed gastrointestinal disorder found that six days on a low-FODMAP diet (compared with six days on a traditional diet) appeared to significantly reduce his symptoms, which included gas, bloating, and cramping.

And while more research is needed to show that the experiences of this individual could be generalized to larger groups of athletes, the evidence base suggesting that a low-FODMAP diet could help reduce gastrointestinal issues is growing.

If you experience these symptoms before, during, or after your workout, it could be worth talking to your physician about it and perhaps trying out an alternative source of fuel.

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This 12-time Olympic medalist reveals her ultimate 6.5-minute ab workout that helps keep her fit


Five-time Olympic swimmer and 12-time Olympic medalist Dara Torres demonstrates her ultimate ab workout that keeps her in amazing shape. Torres has teamed up with SHOW MORE OF YOU from Celgene and Otezla — a campaign that is shining light on the psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis.

To learn more about psoriatic disease, visit the campaign's website. Following is a transcript of the video.

I’m going to show you guys some ab exercises that are very simple to do. You can do these very easily at home. Don't need any equipment.

What you want to do is you want to lay down. You want to put your hands underneath your glutes, okay? And you can do them with your head down, but I like to do them with a crunch up because it gives you a little more difficulty in the exercise.

All you are going to do is going to lift your feet up about 6 inches off the floor. You’re going to start your stopwatch, and you're going to start doing flutter kicks like this.

This is easy if you're a swimmer, I guess. But what you want to do, especially if you haven't ever done these before, is you want to start in, maybe 15 second increments. For me, I do 30 to 45 seconds at a time. So, these are called flutter kicks. Then what we're going to do is leg lifts.

You go right into it. There's no break. If you need a break, you can take a break, but I don't like to take a break. So, you’re still crunching up. You're doing little tiny leg lifts okay?

Then the next exercise are scissors. Just cross one leg over the other. Again, you're only about 6 inches off the ground. You don't want to go too high because then you're not engaging your abs. You want to keep your feet down about 6 inches off the ground.

So, now you're doing scissor kicks. Then we have the sways from side to side. This still works your lower abs but also gets a little bit of your obliques. And the other one I like to do is circles. You do one circle to the right and one circle over to the left, and just keep doing these.

Again, I do these in 30 second increments, but if you're just starting out, just try 15 seconds. And the last one are these circles where you put your feet in and then you circle out, and then circle in and then circle out. So, that's a great way to work your lower abs.

Being a woman and being 50 years old I really like to work the lower part of my obliques.

The next exercise I'm going to do is call the plank, and they’re very simple in the sense that again, you don't need exercise equipment.

All you are going to do is you’re going to get on your elbows and make sure your toes are facing the ground. You want your feet about hip width apart. And all you are going to do is make sure your hands are facing each other, just lift your body up.

You want to make sure that you have a nice flat position with just a little bit of lift in your pelvic area. If you’ve never done these before, start off with not a lot of time and then work your way up.

I do these for about 2 minutes. One way to make it a little challenging is to do rocking back and forth on your toes. Just make sure you always finish back where your shoulders are underneath your elbows, like that. Then you can also do little tucks. And just tuck, and maybe do 20 tucks, like that. And that’ll put more resistance on your abs.

Okay, one other thing I like to do… of course you see I'm not stopping, but you guys can take some breaks. I like to do hip rolls on the plank. So, all you're doing is rolling one hip and coming around and rolling the other hip.

You try to touch the ground. This will really really get you those six pack abs because you're working your obliques, alright? And the last exercise I like to do — it's still called a plank, it’s a side plank. Just lift yourself up.

Again, I'm going to put my leg over here because my right knee is bad. You want to make sure that you're not too far over or too far forward or you’ll fall down. And you can stay like this, which is a very difficult exercise, or if you really want to make it more of a challenge for your obliques, you do dips — Just so your hip just grazes the ground and then back up again.

So, just dip and up. You can do a number of them like maybe 10, or I like to do them for 45 seconds on each side maybe 3 times. And there are some ab exercises for you that are very easy to do at home.

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