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You Can't Get Closer To The Belly Of A Flying Plane Than At Maho Beach


Maho Beach St. Maarten

Vacationers usually travel to Caribbean beaches for the clear water and smooth sand, but some travelers venture to Maho Beach, St. Maarten for a different experience.

Instead of snapping photos of sunsets and sunbathers, beachgoers at Maho take pictures of the incredibly low-flying planes as they land at Princess Julianna International Airport, just meters from the beach itself.

Some people even push the limits to see how much of a jet engine's wind gusts they can withstand.

Check out the photos to see what it is like for yourself.

When you first arrive at Maho Beach, it looks like any other beautiful Caribbean beach with its crystal clear blue water.

And then you turn around and see what all the commotion is about.

Princess Julianna International Airport is located just meters away on the other side of a short fence.

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The New McLaren Supercar Will Be Insanely Powerful


mclaren p1 paris motor show

One of the most sought-after pieces of information concerning the upcoming McLaren P1 supercar has been revealed today.

We can confirm that the P1 will deliver a peak output of 903 horsepower and 663 pound-feet of torque from a newly-developed hybrid drivetrain consisting of an advanced hybrid system matched to a V-8 engine.

The V-8 engine is an upgraded version of the twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter M838T unit built by Ricardo and currently fitted to the MP4-12C, though in its latest application it gets coupled to a low-weight, highly efficient electric motor that ensures instant torque for optimized throttle response.  

Some of the upgrades to the P1’s engine include optimized cooling and durability under the higher loads; the V-8 by itself is rated at 727 horsepower and 530 pound-feet of torque, which is 111 horsepower and 88 pound-feet of torque more than the figures for the 12C’s engine, respectively.

The electric motor adds 176 horsepower and 191 pound-feet of torque, though the peak torque of the motor and engine arrive at different points. The lower peak torque of the electric motor is said to help the force-fed V-8 feel more like a naturally aspirated engine.

The setup also allows an electric-only range of more than 6 miles, and, at certain times, the driver can draw up the full 176 horsepower of the electric motor with just a push of the “IPAS” (Instant Power Assist System) button on the P1’s steering wheel. McLaren hasn't said how fast the car is under electric-only power but says the performance is still "strong."

The amount of power delivered under IPAS will depend on how much charge remains in the onboard lithium-ion battery, which is sandwiched between the engine and seats, and adds about 210 pounds to the weight of the car. When the battery is empty, the V-8 will automatically start to maintain drive and charge the battery, although the battery can also be topped up under braking or by using an ordinary household plug. The P1, then, is essentially a plug-in hybrid.

The electric motor is mounted directly onto the engine, and all drive is channeled through the same dual-clutch seven-speed gearbox found in the 12C and out to the rear wheels. Note, a further benefit is that the electric motor also allows faster upshifts of the gearbox. This is achieved through the application of instant negative torque at the point of shift, making the engine revs drop as quickly and efficiently as possible to the required engine speed for the upshift.

You’ll notice that the P1’s steering wheel features a second button marked “DRS.” This is to activate the car’s Drag Reduction System, which uses technology similar to that employed on current Formula One cars.

Speed can be increased by reducing the amount of drag--up to 23 percent--on the the P1's rear wing, which is done by changing its angle. The system immediately deactivates when the button is released, or if the driver touches the brake pedal.

Also found in the P1’s relatively spartan cabin is a digital gauge cluster, which adopts a race-inspired digital dash readout. The display has multiple modes including a “Race” mode, where a bank of lights across the top illuminate green, followed by red and finally blue. These act as a shift indicator, as in McLaren’s own Formula One race cars.

As we already know, the car’s construction is all carbon fiber. Built around what McLaren likes to call the MonoCage, the P1 uses a carbon fiber monocoque and roof structure to form a strong safety cage. The structure of the MonoCage, unlike the 12C’s MonoCell, also serves to guide air into the engine through an integral roof snorkel and air intake ducts, saving further weight.

The P1 is highly aerodynamic in its design, carrying a drag coefficient of just 0.34 despite generating 1,320 pounds of downforce at speed. Part of that equation is the aforementioned active rear wing, which can extend close to 12 inches for maximum performance.

Look for further information on the P1 to be released in the coming weeks, ahead of the car’s official world debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show on March 5. We’ll bring you live pictures and details from the reveal as part of our complete Geneva show coverage.

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This Coach Tote Looks Eerily Familiar...


The Coach Saffiano tote is nearly identical to one by competitor Michael Kors. 

But while the Coach Saffiano tote if $358, the Michael Kors version is $298. 

"We are surprised at the lack of authenticity and believe most consumers will push back on price and styling assuming the reason the consumer still shops at Coach is for authentic styling," researcher Wedbush Securities said in a note.

Coach is facing competition like never before, with emerging luxury brands like Michael Kors and Tory Burch.

Oh, and the Michael Kors bag isn't original either. It's a copy of a Prada design.

But the retailer can at least be credited with adapting the tote for a different price point, Wedbush said. Coach's piece is so unoriginal, it could result in a backlash. 

Here's the Coach version of the tote: 

Coach saffiano tote

Here's the Michael Kors tote: 

michael kors tote bag

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The Death Of A 3-Year-Old In Texas Has Screwed Up US-Russian Relations Even More


Max Alan Shatto Texas

Gardendale, a small neighborhood in West Texas, was hit with tragedy this week after 3-year-old Max Alan Shatto died. Local news reports suggest that Shatto collapsed outside his home on January 21st, and an autopsy is underway.

Anytime a child dies it is sad, but this death is unusual in that Shatto is an orphan. What's more, he was adopted from Russia.

Sadly, that makes this an international incident—one that could derail attempts to claw back a ban on US adoptions of Russian orphans, and add fire to a neo-Cold War playing out between the countries.

At the tail end of last year, Russia voted in a law that would ban the adoption of Russian orphans by American citizens. There had been a number of high-profile cases of abuse over the years—above all the 2010 case of 7-year-old Artyem Saveliev, who was adopted by a Tennessee family but then put on a plane back to Moscow with a "to whom it may concern" note allegedly pinned to his clothes after allegedly showing signs of violent behavior.

At least 19 Russian children were also thought to have died in recent years after their adoption to the US.

Now the case in Texas looks set to cause problems. The local Medical Examiner’s Office has previously stated the boy had bruises on his body, including his lower abdomen, but refused to speculate. The New York Times reports that the local child welfare authorities have received accusations of physical abuse and neglect.

Russian officials aren't holding back. ABC News reports that Russia's Children's Rights Commissioner Pavel Astakhov has alleged that Max died after being fed psychiatric drugs by his adoptive parents, and that Astakhov has tweeted that this was a case of "murder."

Russian authorities are also seeking the repatriation of Max's brother, another orphan who had been adopted by the Shatto's at the same time. TV channels are devoting hours of time to the case, and parliament held a minutes silence for Max.

The adoption ban was widely seen as an anti-Western move by Vladimir Putin's Moscow elite, a chance to punish the US for its blacklist of Russian officials linked to the death of Moscow lawyer Sergei Magnitsky.

Russian critics of the plan point out that US adoptions can literally be a lifesaver for disabled children—one blind teenager wrote a widely-circulated letter calling on Putin to adopt 5-10 disabled children personally. A protest in Moscow managed to bring out tens of thousands of people against the ban.

However, even opponents of the ban admit it is popular in Russia. Last month Business Insider spoke to Pavel Khodorkovsky, the son of the jailed oligarch Mikhail, said that few Russians really knew the full facts of adoptions in the US, or the true horrors of Russia's orphanage system.

The effect of this story is two-fold. First, it helps neuter the arguments of those in Russia who have protested against the ban—it's virtually impossible to argue with the death of a child.

Secondly, it adds fuel to the fire that created the ban—a widespread anti-Americanism in Russia that is only likely to grow.

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This Gadget Will Prevent The Guy In The Row Ahead Of You From Reclining His Seat


knee defender gadget

For air travelers who hate having their scarce legroom invaded by reclining seats, there is a solution that goes beyond asking fellow passengers to remain upright: forcing them to do so.

The Knee Defender is a gadget that uses two small pieces of plastic (just a bit bigger than a house key), which are clipped on to the arms holding up the tray table. If they are placed snugly against the seat back, that seat is blocked from reclining, keeping the users' knees safe.

The little gadget was invented by Ira Goldman, a 6'3" resident of Washington, D.C., who put it on the market in 2003, according to ABC.

It has been generating controversy ever since.

In the debate between those who defend their right to recline their seats and those who think everyone should remain upright, which was re-ignited by a passionate Dan Kois at Slate on Tuesday, the Knee Defender is the ultimate weapon for the upright contingent.

Except when it's not allowed.

The gadget does not violate any FAA regulations (it can't be used during taxi, takeoff, and landing, when the tray must be upright), but airlines have the right to forbid its use. Northwest, American, and Continental Airlines have done so, according to the Globe and Mail.

The Knee Defender is on sale via GadgetDuck, for $19.95.

Here's a 2007 video produced by FareCompare (featuring an elf and Santa Clause) showing how it works:

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These Luxury Miami Properties Cost A Key Ally Of Vladimir Putin His Job


Earlier today, Vladimir Pekhtin, a senior lawmaker within Russia's ruling United Russia party, announced his resignation.

Pekhtin was not only one of the co-founders of United Russia, one of the key drivers of support for Vladimir Putin, he was also on the State Duma's Credentials and Ethics Commission.

Unfortunately, it appears to have been his own ethnics that have done him in. Last week, popular blogger and opposition leader Alexey Navalny published a post that appeared to reveal Pekhtin owned two luxury condos, a house and a plot of land worth more than $2 million. These properties were not declared to the Russian parliament, a breach of protocol.

Here's one on Ocean Drive. Marc Cuban is reported to also own a unit in this building.

Russia Corruption

Russia Corruption

 And over here there's one on Bay Road.

Russia Corruption

Russia Corruption

And here's a house Pekhtin reportedly owns. Note the nice swimming pools.

Russia Corruption

This is a big scalp for Navalny, who was one of the biggest faces in the opposition during the 2011/2012 Russian protests, but has faced a legal clampdown since the election. Navalny is now gloating on his blog.

While Pekhtin hasn't admitted to doing anything wrong, the news came at a bad time for him — the New York Times notes that the day before Navalny's blog post came out, Putin had proposed laws that would stop Russian officials outside of the country. While property would not be so banned, it was still just too embarrassing for the Moscow elites.

It may just be the start as well. A United Russia deputy, billionaire Anatony Lomakin, resigned a few hours after Pekhtin.

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The One Jaw-Dropping Moment When You Fly Into Milan


I just arrived in Milan, where I'll spend the next few days getting ready for the big Italian election that's coming up on Sunday and Monday.

Unlike some flights, this one was pretty boring.

For example, my view from my inner section aisle seat looked like this for 8 hours.

milan flight

And the food was quite unremarkable.

Milan Flight

But there is one thing cool.

Milan is very close to Switzerland, and thus very close to the Alps.

So when you're a few minutes away from the airport (as you can see on this live map)...

milan flight

You get some truly jaw-dropping views out the window.

Here's one I took from several seats away from the window. It's a grainy iPhone shot, but you should be able to appreciate how amazing it is seeing one of the world's most epic mountain ranges from above.

alps window

And here's one that I had taken for me from the person who was sitting near the window.

Apologies for the graininess. It's a grey, snowy morning here.

alps window

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Before The Oscar's Red Carpet Is Set Up, It's Just A Dingy Street In Hollywood [Photos]


Tina Fey Oscar red carpet

On Sunday, millions of people will be watching as celebrities descend upon Hollywood Boulevard to walk the red carpet before heading into the Dolby Theater for the 85th annual Academy Awards.

We stopped by the Dolby Theater on Wednesday to get a better look at what exactly it takes to prepare for the most-watched red carpet event of the year.

While workmen are quickly trying to transform Los Angeles' Hollywood Boulevard into a red carpet area, the street is anything but glamorous before the Oscar's take it over.

This is what the red carpet looks like during arrivals for the Academy Awards.

But before Sunday's big show, the glamorous red carpet area is just a blocked off busy street in the middle of a touristy area in Hollywood.

To the right of the carpet, there is a Forever 21 clothing store and Johnny Depp look-a-like from "Pirates of the Caribbean."

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The Most Stylish 'Free WiFi' I've Ever Seen


Milan Coffee Shop

So it didn't take too long being in Milan before I realized why the city is known as one of the style capitals of the world.

After a meeting with some bankers, I asked where I might find a good place to do some work with free WiFi.

I was told to make a few turns out the door and check out the cafe at Trussardi Life.

Turns out, that that cafe is an appendage to a boutique for the age-old Italian luxury brand Trussardi.

It was by far the most hip experience I've ever had getting free wifi. Even getting the password to the wifi was cool.

As I walked up to Trussardi Life, I saw that the cafe was a big glass enclosure connected to an old stone building.

The glass enclosure has all kinds of cool greenery growing on top of it.

Inside looking out, you see sleek stylish tables, and elegant chairs.

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Pakistani Fashion Brands Are Dropping Female Models From Billboards


muslim advertising

Female models in glitzy advertising campaigns are being shunned by fashion houses in Pakistan as they launch this year's collections, to avoid the anger of Islamic hardliners.

Last year dozens of billboards were blacked out by campaigners protesting against pictures of a bare-shouldered Bollywood actress in giant adverts.

This time of year brings the launch of lawn collections – brightly coloured flimsy linens worn in the summer – usually with glitzy advertising campaigns featuring glamorous models designed to appeal to a wealthy elite.

This time around a handful of labels are trying a different tactic.

Nadir Khan, customer relations manager of J Lawn, said its adverts displaying lawn prints as billowing sails on boats had received widespread praise.

“In Islam, women have a lot of respect,” he said. “We feel that women are not to be flaunted across the city on billboards.”

He added that he did not wish to impose particular values on other fashion houses but that it was the right approach for J Lawn.

“Maybe next year we will have something else,” said Mr Khan. “What won’t change is that it won’t be our sisters or mothers on billboards.”

Several other companies have followed suit. Although some continue to use women in their brochures, at least two have dropped models from advertising hoardings where they can be more widely seen.

Women are expected to cover up in conservative, mostly Muslim, Pakistan . Many wear loose shapeless clothes to hide their curves and a scarf over their head.

A 2011 survey, conducted by Gallup, found that almost two thirds of Pakistanis objected to billboards featuring women.

Last year hoardings displaying a soap advertising featuring Meera, a Pakistani actress, and a hoarding with Katrina Kaif, a Bollywood star, were covered up, replaced with text saying: “Sell clothes, not your honour.”

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Starbucks Stopped Giving Free Coffee With A Bag Of Beans — But Some Baristas Don't Care



Sometime last year, I started investing in a bag of $13 coffee beans from Starbucks each month and saving myself a ton of cash. 

The fact that they also threw in a free tall coffee with the purchase was an added bonus. 

But when I went in for a new bag today, the cashier frowned when I ordered my freebie.

They don't do that anymore, he said, "But I can give you one anyway."   


The java giant apparently ditched its free-coffee-for-beans bonus back in October, and even more surprisingly, I found out the perk was apparently ever only intended for loyalty card members. I've never owned one. 

But I know for a fact that the last few times I've gone in for a bag of beans, they've given me a free tall coffee when I asked for it anyway. 

For the record, loyal customers still get a free drink after they've earned 12 points on their Starbucks loyalty card.

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ATLANTIC CITY IS DOOMED — But It's Still A Fun Place To Visit!


Atlantic City Boardwalk Entrance

These are hard times for Atlantic City, which recently recorded its sixth consecutive year of falling gambling revenues and saw an ambitious new casino prepare for bankruptcy.

You can blame the economic downturn as well as the rise of competing casinos in neighboring states.

Hurricane Sandy didn't help either. The casinos were ordered to remain closed for almost five full days, and lost an estimated $5 million in gambling revenue combined each day.

But you know what? The "World's Playground" is still an awesome place to visit, with plenty of exciting new attractions aimed at targeting leisure travelersinstead of gamblers, and revitalizing its boardwalk. Atlantic City is also getting buzz from HBO's hit show, Boardwalk Empire.

Atlantic City is huge, but most people only think about the boardwalk and pier.

It reached its boom period in the 1920s thanks to prohibition and illegal gambling — it even called itself the World's Playground.

Source: Press of Atlantic City

The '20s were so glamorous that they are even the subject of HBO's Boardwalk Empire, starring Steve Buscemi as the political boss and racketeer Enoch "Nucky" Thompson.

Source: HBO

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Simple Ways To Freshen Up Your Home For Less Than $1,500


President Obama paintingYou never get a second chance to make a first impression and neither does your home. Even a nice place in a desirable neighborhood will linger on the market if buyers are too distracted by clutter and minor cosmetic imperfections that easily could have been fixed prior to any showings.

It’s a lesson one Washington, DC seller learned the hard way. Her basement condo — just two blocks from a Metro station — had seen a steady stream of prospective buyers but no offers.

Eyesores such as uneven paint, a bad wall repair job, an empty dining area and general messiness seemed to be scaring buyers away. The real estate agent advised the seller to lower her asking price by $10,000, prompting her to seek professional home staging advice.

For about $1,500 — including wall repair work, paint, furniture rental and staging fees — the seller was able to create a fresher, more appealing space (and add that $10,000 back onto her asking price).

Even if you have a limited budget, you can make a huge impact on your property by following a few key tips:

Clear out the clutter

Kitchen before

Clutter is distracting and creates the impression that a room lacks storage space. In the kitchen above, the stainless steel appliances and upgraded cabinets and countertops were obscured by appliances, dishes and other items that simply needed to be put away.

Kitchen after

Remember less is more: Make the most of your kitchen’s space by limiting the number of items on the countertops to a few essentials such as the coffee maker and paper towel holder.

 Define the purpose

Dining nook before

You might not use your dining nook for eating, but having a designated dining area could be a major selling point for some buyers. The space above, located just off the kitchen, lacked purpose and didn’t seem like a usable space.

dc staging zafter 005

Now, a small table and chairs define the previously empty space, giving buyers an idea of how they could live in the condo.

Show what you’ve got

dc staging before 004

Did you notice the interesting alcove in the photo above? Chances are most buyers didn’t either. Architectural details such as crown molding and chair rails top some buyers’ must-have lists, but in the living room above, they’re barely noticeable.

Living room after

Removing the unnecessary curtains and placing a geometrical bookcase in the nook highlights the previously unused space, making it a focal point. A rug, coffee table and art complete the transformation into a warm, inviting living room.

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The HoverBar Lets You Suspend Your iPad From Just About Anywhere


This is the HoverBar for your iPad from Twelve South.

Why We Love It: Most iPad stands are super boring, and don't let you put the screen right where you want it. HoverBar is awesome because it lets you connect your iPad wherever you want — on your computer, table, or cabinets — and adjust to your eye level.

The device is great for cooking, typing, or as workstation companion to your computer monitor. The adjustable arm rotates the iPad into portrait or landscape positions, and the heavy-gauge steel clamp can attach securely to any surface up to an inch thick without the need to drill holes or mount permanently.

Twelve South HoverBar iPad

Twelve South HoverBar iPad

Twelve South HoverBar iPad

Where To Buy: Available on the Twelve South website, Amazon, or through the Apple Store.

Cost: $79.95.

Want to nominate a cool product for Stuff We Love? Send an email to Megan Willett at mwillett@businessinsider.com with "Stuff We Love" in the subject line.

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18 Secret Menu Items You Can Order At Fast Food Restaurants


In and Out's Animal Style Fries

Companies are adding secret menu items as a way to connect with customers.

Panera Bread is currently figuring out how to "promote" its own hidden menu of breakfast salads, NPR reported. 

But secret menu items have existed organically for years. 

"If you have a secret menu or if customers know the secret menu, they feel like they're insiders," Bret Thorn, senior food editor of Nation's Restaurant News, told NPR. 

We've compiled a list of some of the most impressive (and horrendous) secret combinations that are out there today. They aren't always available at every location, but they're worth asking for next time you're ready to chow down.

Panera Bread's Power Breakfast salads

Panera actually went out of its way to manufacture a secret menu. 

The "Power Breakfast" items are a series of salads that aren't on the menu. 

Options include egg bowls with turkey and steak. 

See all the options here

McDonald's McGangBang

The McGangBang, a McChicken sandwich wedged between a double cheeseburger, is the holy grail for carnivorous fast food eaters.

While not available at all McDonald's locations, hungry customers can still get this triple meat treat by employing a little ingenuity and creative manipulation of regular menu items.

By taking two items off of the Dollar Menu, diners can create this super sandwich for just $2.16.

Chipotle's Quesarito

Many people don't realize that the fast casual Mexican food chain Chipotle offers a secret menu, featuring items like cheese quesadillas, nacho-filled burritos, and the Quesarito, a customized burrito wrapped in a cheese quesadilla.

But diners who are aware of these hidden treasures often trade in Chipotle's regular fanfare for these savory alternatives.

One reviewer recently exclaimed, "The Quesarito tastes like a toasted burrito but the quesadilla burrito wrapper provides a mouthful of warm, melted cheese in every bite."

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Prince Harry Is Dating A Gorgeous Socialite Named Cressida Bonas


cressida bonas

Prince Harry has a new girlfriend — the blue-eyed, blonde, and beautiful British socialite Cressida Bonas.

The two were just spotted by The Daily Mail cozying up while vacationing at an exclusive ski resort in Verbier, Switzerland.

They reportedly "kissed like lovestruck teenagers in the back of a cinema" while at dinner with Prince Harry's family, The Daily Mail reported. Later, they hugged on the slopes, where they were photographed by paparazzi. 

Reports say the pair started dating last May after being introduced by Harry's cousin Princess Eugenie, but cooled when the prince's naked pictures from Vegas surfaced.

Seems like they are very much back together. Since the latest photos surfaced, Bonas has jumped to the top of The Tatler List, an ever-changing "who's who" of people who are being buzzed about in the UK.

So who is Cressida Bonas?

The 24-year-old model and would-be-actress is the daughter of Lady Mary Gaye Curzon, a British "It" girl from the 1960s who is four times divorced, according to The Daily Mail.

Her father is Jeffrey Bonas, who studied at Harrow and Oxford before becoming an entrepreneur and businessman, according to E! Online.

Like Prince Harry's ex Chelsy Davy, Bonas studied at Leeds University after attending the elite Stowe School, where boarding students pay $46,000 a year, according to The Daily Mail.

She's also dabbled in acting, having played Desdemona in Othello while at Leeds, according to The Mirror.

Bonas is not the first person in her family with ties to royalty. Her older half-sister is Isabella Gough-Calthorpe, a British movie star, a rumored former flame of Prince William, and fiancé of Richard Branson's son Sam, according to The Daily Mail.

A true blue blood, Bonas is friends with Princess Eugenie, who set her up with the prince, as well as Arthur Landon, a young socialite who stands to inherit some $300 million, according to The Mirror.

Landon is also close friends with Prince Harry, and defended him after his now-infamous bender in Las Vegas, The Daily Mail reported at the time.

Prior to linking up with the prince, Bonas used to date Harry Wentworth-Stanley, whose stepfather is a cousin the Queen, according to The Mirror.

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A Surprising Number Of 'Missed Connections' Happen At Walmart Stores


Psychology Today's Dorothy Gambrell has compiled data from Craigslist personals and "missed connections" posts, where romantic hopefuls seek out people who caught their eye in passing.

The results are weirder than expected.

A surprising number of states (15!) have most of their missed connections happen at a local Walmart, including,Texas, New Mexico, and Florida.

The most common "missed connection" in New York takes place on the subway, while in California it's at the 24 Hour Fitness.

Additionally, Idaho had the highest percentage of men seeking women ads at 76 percent, and Hawaii had the most M4M posts at 46 percent. Women seeking women were the least common posts across America, totaling only 1 percent on Craigslist.

See the full graph below:

Missed Connections across America

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Hordes Of Young New Yorkers Will Start Planning Their Hamptons Summer Today


cnn traveler hot hotels 2012, Ruschmeyer's

It's absolutely frigid in the New York City but a bunch of young people will be thinking about weekends in the Hamptons today — Ruschmeyer's is now taking reservations.

If you're not familiar with the hotel, it may be because you're not a "Hampster" (Hamptons + Hipster), the term coined by blog Guest of a Guest to describe the young Warby Parker wearing crowd that flocks to the hotel pool every weekend.

Now, just because "Hampster" contains the word Hipster don't think of this crowd as your Brooklyn, broke artist type. Rooms start at $335 over the weekend and cocktails cost about $14.

The hip element comes from the hotel's design. It's very minimal — Think: Rooms with bunk beds and decor that includes teepees with ironic quotes on the walls.

On Saturday nights especially Ruschmeyer's has come to be considered one of the hottest spots in the Hamptons, despite its tip-of-Long Island Montauk location.

Start thinking summer.

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Visitors Stripped Down For A Nude Art Exhibit In Vienna


Nudists Art Leopold Museum Vienna

Visitors to a special after-hours showing of an exhibition based on the theme of “naked men” were encouraged earlier this week to shed their clothes.

"Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life", Oscar Wilde wrote and it's more than likely Wilde himself would have admired the nudes on display at the Leopold Museum on Monday - both on the wall, and in the flesh.

Visitors to a special after-hours showing of an exhibition based on the theme of “naked men” were encouraged yesterday to shed their clothes in a a goose-bump raising instance of life imitating art.

Not only did museum goers leave their coats and bags at the entrance to the museum, but they also checked-in the rest of their clothing.

The occasion Monday at Vienna's Leopold Museum was a special after-hour showing of "Nude Men from 1800 to Today" — an exhibit of 300 paintings, photographs, drawings and sculptures focused on the bare male.

The exhibition blurb states that: 'Previous exhibitions on the theme of nudity have mostly been limited to female nudes. With the presentation “naked men” in the autumn of 2012 the Leopold Museum will be showing a long overdue exhibition on the diverse and changing depictions of naked men from 1800 to the present.'

Though, doubtless the art will have captured the imagination of visitors some were distracted by the distinctly chilly temperature in the museum: "I can't say I'm sweating," said office worker Herbert Korvas, as he stood in the atrium with other young men wearing no more than socks and a smile and waiting for the tour to start. Still, he said he was drawn to the idea of naked museum viewing "because it was something different."

Nudists Art Leopold Museum Vienna

Nudists Art Leopold Museum Vienna

Nudists Art Leopold Museum Vienna

Nudists Art Leopold Museum Vienna

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