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See inside the $5.5 million Washington, DC, home where Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are reportedly moving

Why people are unfaithful


Esther Perel, a couples therapist and the best-selling author of "Mating in Captivity," reveals her provocative perspective on the subject of infidelity.

Aiming to spark a new conversation about this taboo topic, Perel reverses the lens by proposing that affairs are not a symptom of a problem in one's relationship, but are instead an expression of a deeper longing to experience something different.

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12 new books to help you build wealth and get more done in 2017



If your New Year's resolutions include building wealth, becoming more productive, or making the most of your career (or side hustle), there are hundreds of books willing to guide you, many of which debuted just last year.

Business Insider asked Chris Schluep, a senior Amazon Books editor, to compile a list of the best money books of 2016. Schluep's picks are packed with advice from experts, ranging from a billionaire's memoir to the story of the entertainment industry's most powerful agency. 

Whether you're aiming to grow richer or develop better money habits, get a head start on your 2017 goals with 12 of best money and productivity books from the past year. 

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'Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike' by Phil Knight

Release date: April 26, 2016

Schluep says: Phil Knight borrowed fifty dollars from his father after business school and launched an empire. But there's much more than just a business story in this surprisingly candid memoir.

Amazon says: In this candid and riveting memoir, for the first time ever, Nike founder and board chairman Phil Knight shares the inside story of the company's early days as an intrepid start-up and its evolution into one of the world's most iconic, game-changing, and profitable brands.

'Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance' by Angela Duckworth

Release date: May 3, 2016

Schluep says: We all want to have it. Angela Duckworth has been studying it for decades, and lays out how so much of success is a product of passion and perseverance.

Amazon says: In this instant New York Times bestseller, pioneering psychologist Angela Duckworth shows anyone striving to succeed — be it parents, students, educators, athletes, or business people — that the secret to outstanding achievement is not talent but a special blend of passion and persistence she calls "grit."

'Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived Joyful Life' by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

Release date: September 20, 2016

Schluep says: Teachers of one of the most popular courses at Stanford (the course has the same name as the book), Burnett and Evans illustrate how you can use the same thinking that has gone into some of your favorite products to design a better life for yourself.

Amazon says: In this book, Bill Burnett and Dave Evans show us how design thinking can help us create a life that is both meaningful and fulfilling, regardless of who or where we are, what we do or have done for a living, or how young or old we are. The same design thinking responsible for amazing technology, products, and spaces can be used to design and build your career and your life, a life of fulfillment and joy, constantly creative and productive, one that always holds the possibility of surprise.

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29 eerie photos that show just how polluted China's air has become


People ride during heavy smog in Lianyungang, Jiangsu province.

Although no one knows the exact amount of carbon that China emits each year, it's a well-known fact that the country has some of the most polluted air in the world. This Wednesday, Beijing went under a "red alert" for smog — the highest of four tiers — and a "yellow alert" for fog. 

In December, pollution so bad that some called it the "airpocalypse" caused a halt of everyday life in Beijing. Cars couldn't be driven, planes were grounded, and schools had to be temporarily closed.  

But Beijing isn't the only city affected. The cold winter months often cause air pollution levels to rise throughout much of China, as more homes are burning coal for heat.

Below, see 29 photos that show China among the smog.

Jack Sommer and Cyrus Engineer contributed reporting to a previous version of this article.

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An aerial photo taken during a polluted day in Shenyang, Liaoning province.

Two people ride during heavy smog in Lianyungang, Jiangsu province.

A tree sits between two buildings that tower through the thick smog in Jinan, Shandong province.

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The fight to defund Planned Parenthood has very little to do with abortions


planned parenthood defunding abortion

In a one-two punch, House Speaker Paul Ryan said on Thursday that Republicans plan to defund Planned Parenthood when they try to repeal the Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare.

Thursday morning, Planned Parenthood launched a national campaign focused on keeping Republicans in Congress from gutting the healthcare law, and from passing legislation to "defund" the organization.

While politicians have popularized the term "defunding" when talking about stripping federal funds for Planned Parenthood, the group's political communications director, Erica Sackin, said this is misleading.

"There's no line item in the budget for Planned Parenthood," Sackin told Business Insider. "We're not funded through the federal budget bill."

Planned Parenthood health centers serve 2.5 million people each year, nearly two-thirds of whom rely on public programs like Medicaid to pay for their care. When lawmakers pass bills to "defund" the organization, (as many states have), those patients then have to pay for healthcare at Planned Parenthood out of pocket.

But the Hyde Amendment already makes it illegal to use Medicaid to pay for an abortion except in the case of rape, incest, or if the mother's health is endangered. Congress first passed the law in 1977, four years after the Supreme Court ruled women have a constitutional right to abortion in Roe v. Wade.

So while it may seem as if "defunding" Planned Parenthood is a way to prevent abortions, Sackin said, "it's going to affect people who don't have anywhere else to go" get care like cancer screenings.

According to Planned Parenthood's most recent annual report, only 3% of the organization's services are abortions. Most people are getting birth control or STD tests at Planned Parenthood clinics:

planned parenthood annual report abortion funding breakdown

The 'defunding' fight intensifies

paul ryan obamacare

The Obamacare battle on the Hill ramped up Tuesday, when the new Congress took over, with Republicans making their case for repealing and replacing the ACA and Democrats arguing to save it.

If Republicans scrap the law, 47 million women could lose the guaranteed access to birth control without a co-pay that Obamacare provides.

But that's just part of the fight.

The GOP party platform outlines its firm stance against abortion, Trump has said he wants to appoint Supreme Court justices to overturn Roe v. Wade, and Pence has enacted some of the strictest legislation against abortion in the country as the governor of Indiana.

Kelley Robinson, the deputy national organizing director for Planned Parenthood, said one in five women will visit the organization in their lifetimes, and that defunding it would be a "national health disaster."

"The outpouring of need is so, so clear," Robinson told Business Insider. "People need access to Planned Parenthood. We're a part of their community, and we're a critical provider of health care."

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This $130 ring is actually a panic button in disguise



Anyone whose been in an unsafe situation knows the feeling: the creeping sensation of dread and the worry that you won't be able to get help fast enough, should you need it. 

While smartphones make it easier than ever before to dial 911, and smartwatches include features like SOS, sometimes you just want the people in your life to know where you are before something bad happens. 

Enter Nimb: a panic button disguised as costume jewelry. 

The Nimb ring is designed to be a quick, subtle way to send your location to anyone from friends to emergency personnel to alert them that you're in a dangerous situation.

Here's how it works:

Nimb was cofounded by Kathy Roma, who now serves as the company's communications director. Roma got the idea for Nimb due to an event in her past: She was violently attacked walking down the street, an experience that left her with several scars on her upper body.

Roma was attacked in broad daylight, only a few hundred feet from a police station. She was able to call for help, but not before her throat, chest, and abdomen were slashed. She shares her experience in a video about the product, which you can watch here.

Roma's attack happened in 2000. She says that technology is just now catching up with her dreams to "make the world a safer place for everyone."

Roma's idea is a ring that's designed to be worn like regular jewelry, but is secretly a connected device.

Other startups like Ringly have tapped into the idea of stylish jewelry that connects to your phone — Ringly's lights up and quietly vibrates when you have a notification on your phone — but Nimb's has more of a safety-conscious focus. 

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The New York Times officially names the South Bronx a must-visit destination for 2017


the bronx

Mott Haven, Port Morris, the Piano District, or the South Bronx. No matter what you call it, the area is now a great place to visit from all over, according to The New York Times.

The southernmost tip of New York City's northern borough has been named 51st in a list of 52 "places to go in 2017." Long plagued by crime and other social ills, the South Bronx is a neighborhood where "things are turning around," the Times wrote, citing signs of gentrification.

Artisanal coffee shops, art galleries, boutiques, and notable restaurant openings are all evidence the Times uses to call the South Bronx a desirable place to visit, in the same vein as Madagascar (19) and Budapest (50).

The South Bronx is mainly an industrial area that's been called on the verge of "revival" since at least 2013. Real estate developers and agents have taken to calling it the "Piano District" in listings and advertisements in order to entice prospective residents who might be turned off by the South Bronx name.

With all of this attention, gentrification could now be a concern in the South Bronx. Median rents for a one-bedroom apartment rose 46% from 2013 to 2016, and in August 2016, they reached $1,700 in Mott Haven, real estate startup Neighborhoodxtold Gothamist.

The Times notes that crime is still a problem for the neighborhood, though crime rates in the South Bronx (and the rest of New York City) have fallen sharply since the '90s.

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5 military vehicles you can actually buy

We tried the 'vile and amazing' tacos that Jack in the Box sells millions of every year


jack in the box taco review 1963

Jack in the Box made headlines this week for its most popular item, a pair of tacos that costs just 99 cents. The fast-food chain, famous for its burgers, sells 554 million tacos a year — or about 1,055 units a minute — according to an investigation by The Wall Street Journal.

You might also be surprised to learn that these pockets of beef filling, cheese, lettuce, and salsa have been called "vile and amazing." One customer compared the taco to a "wet envelope of cat food." And yet, the customer told the Journal he's become addicted to the company's deep-fried hangover food.

We visited a Jack in the Box location in downtown San Francisco to try out he tacos. Here's what we thought.

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People across the US can't stop eating the tacos at Jack in the Box, a fast-food restaurant chain with locations in almost a dozen states — despite the tacos' abhorrent reputation.

Source: Wall Street Journal

The moment we peeled our soggy taco envelopes from the bag, we knew this could go one of two ways: Either it was a delicious grease-fest, or a nauseating caloric adventure.

It was not love at first sight.

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16 stunning photos that will make you want to travel to Canada


justin trudeau

Canada is calling.

This week, The New York Times named Canada the number-one place to visit in 2017. One reason: the Canadian government has made it free to visit any of the country's more than 200 national parks, historic sites, and marine conservation areas for all of 2017, in honor of its 150th anniversary of confederation.

Another reason is that the weak Canadian dollar makes it an especially economical destination for American travelers.

The timing is appropriate. Just after the US presidential election in November, many Americans were looking for ways to move to Canada and become citizens. The Government of Canada's immigration website even crashed as the US election results came in.

So whether you're leaving your home country for good or just looking to get away for a while, here are 16 things to do in the Great White North.

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With a population of about 2.6 million, Toronto is Canada's largest city, with world-class restaurants, museums, universities and historic districts.

Dine on inventive small plates at Chef Lorenzo Loseto's George Restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Toronto. Menu highlights include an ahi tuna wrapped in sweet potato and a Cornish hen served with goat cheese and broccoli.

If skiing is your hobby of choice, Whistler in British Columbia has some of the best slopes in the world.

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I moved to New York City 2 years ago — here’s what I tell my friends who say they can’t afford to


Emmie Brooklyn BridgeAfter falling in love with New York City during a summer internship in college, I moved here two weeks after graduating from college and haven't even entertained the thought of leaving since.

Despite more than two years of crowded subway rides, streets that smell like hot garbage, and exorbitant rent prices, I'm still obsessed with the city — and constantly urging all of my long-distance friends to move here. But I'm often met with the same response: "I want to, but I can't afford it."

"Here's the thing," I tell them. "You probably can."

Yes, New York is expensive. Yes, you'll constantly be tempted to spend. And yes, your rent will likely be much higher than what you're paying in Pittsburgh or Phoenix. But if the New York lifestyle is worth it to you, the budget is doable.

For me, it all comes down to a single mantra: You can do some things, just not everything.

Sticking to my budget means choosing what's a priority and what I'm willing to sacrifice. I bring my lunch to work every day and save my food budget for exploring restaurants with friends. For every night out at an expensive bar, there's one spent splitting a $7 bottle of white wine on the couch.

Some sacrifices might seem bigger than others: Rent is expensive, and there's no way around it. You most likely can't afford to live alone like on "Sex and the City" or nab a huge apartment in the West Village á la "Friends." But trust me on this: It won't matter. This city has so much to offer — free outdoor movies, expansive parks that you can get lost for hours in, huge, chocolate-packed cookies at Levain Bakery— the amount of time you'll spend sitting at home will be negligible.

Emmie in New YorkThere are plenty of neighborhoods where rent is reasonable — try looking in Brooklyn, Queens, or uptown Manhattan — and living farther out will give you a great jumping-off point to explore a new part of the city. Perhaps I'm biased by great roommates, but I share a tiny place in deep Brooklyn with two other people, and I wouldn't change a thing about it. I love delving into new corners of the borough and coming home to share my day with friends.

Living here full-time also gives you the luxury of waiting for good deals. You don't have to fit everything into a weeklong trip — you have months, even years, to explore the city. Which means you can wait for Restaurant Week to check out new places on a budget and hold out for Broadway tickets to go on TKTS at half price. If you don't mind going on a certain day of the week or month, several museums offer free entry as well.

By living here, you don't have to shell out hundreds to ensure that you can capture the best of NYC in a few days as you would on a vacation — you're free to enjoy its magic little by little, watching it unfold right in front of you. My best experiences in New York aren't tied to expensive activities, but to the amazing friends and colleagues I've explored the city with.

As much as I would love for all of my best friends to move to New York, it won't be a great fit for everyone. But if affordability is the only thing holding you back — give it another chance. At the end of the day, if you're making a solid income and don't mind living with a roommate or two, New York isn't as outrageously expensive as it might seem.

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24 photos that show why Michelle Obama will be remembered as the most stylish first lady of all time

After his presidency, George Washington became a whiskey tycoon and owned the largest distillery in the US

13 kid expenses that are not worth the money, according to real parents


child with an iphone 6

There's no way around it: Raising kids — even just one! — is expensive. 

The average American family pays over $11,000 just in the first year of a child's life, and nearly $250,000 by the time they're 18. And while most of the incurred expenses prove worthwhile, not every toy, class, or experience warrants its price tag. 

Business Insider asked parents with children of all ages to weigh in on the financial side of having kids. While they concluded that several expenses are well worth the money, myriad others proved unworthy of the cost, from trendy gadgets to designer clothing.

Not every parent went into their reasoning, but every family is different, and it makes sense that every expense would be valued differently, too.

Below, we've anonymously included 13 things they say aren't worth spending on: 

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Too much/too nice clothing

• "For older kids, I would say clothes. Kids can be picky about their clothes and will end up wearing the same 5 shirts over and over anyway. So just get clothes they like and will wear and replace as needed. And I always accept hand-me-downs."

"Fancy clothes when they were young. They outgrew them too quickly."


• Trendy toys

• "Any electronic gadgets for kids less than 13." 

• Going overboard on Christmas

• Over-the-top birthday parties

Expensive vacations with young kids

• "It's not worth it to do 'big vacations' when they are younger; they just forget. It's been more worth it to do things like visit major cities or travel across Canada now that my son is old enough to appreciate it and learn from it."

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Here’s what the food is really like in space from one of the only astronaut to gain weight in space


Astronaut and "Spaceman" author Mike Massimino has made two trips to space, one of which was spent servicing the Hubble Space Telescope.

He's also one of the few astronauts to arrive back on Earth with a few extra pounds. He told Business Insider why he liked the food so much and some of the obstacles he ran into trying to eat in space.

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The 20 best colleges for studying abroad


unviersity of denver study abroad

For students with the travel bug, a college's study abroad program can make or break where they decide to go to school. But before students can jet off to their country of choice, they need to find a program that is the right fit for them. 

The Princeton Review recently released its 2017 college rankings, which included a list of the 20 most popular study abroad programsin the US.

To create the ranking, The Princeton Review asked 143,000 students at 381 schools "How popular is studying abroad at your school?" Students responded on a five-point scale ranging from "strongly disagree" to "strongly agree."

Read on to learn why these colleges have the most popular study abroad programs.

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20. University of Delaware

Location:Newark, Delaware

The Institute for Global Studies at UDel coordinates over 70 study-abroad programs annually. This fall, UDel is leading trips to a dozen countries including Japan, Italy, Portugal, and France.

UDel also offers winter and summer programs that last anywhere from three to five weeks, and offers one or two courses in a variety of disciplines.

19. Syracuse University

Location: Syracuse, New York

SU Abroad has more than 60 World Partner programs where students can enroll, pay tuition, receive grants, and retain scholarships and financial aid through Syracuse while abroad. These programs appeal to students interested in a specific school, country, or area of study, like attending film school in Prague or studying biodiversity in Madagascar.

Syracuse also has eight centers abroad that host SU students in five European countries as well as Turkey, China, and Chile.

18. Carleton College

Location: Northfield, Minnesota

Carleton College employs a faculty-led program model that extends "The Carleton Experience" off-campus. This year, the school is offering 18 study-abroad programs led by faculty and sponsored by a number of academic departments. Destinations include Ireland, France, and Russia.

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I've donated my hair to charity three times now — here's what you need to know if you want to do it


becca hair donation

The scissors snip together slowly making that unmistakable crunching sound, and 14 inches of hair that I spent two years growing are now gone.

But the strands didn't just fall to the ground to get swept up and thrown away.

Instead, my hair is now on its way to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, an organization that partners with the American Cancer Society to distribute free wigs to cancer patients.

I have donated my hair to charity three times now. In my experience, donating your hair is a much more personal gift than sending a check to a charity. You're sending a piece of yourself to a kid or adult who has a disease that's caused them to lose their hair.

This time around, I still had some major questions about the process.

Where does my hair go once it's cut off my head? Who gets the wigs? Who makes the wigs? Where do they make them? How many people can it help? Which organization is best?

Before I made that final cut, I found the answers. Here's what I learned.

Which organization should I choose?

The first two times I donated my hair (I guess it's a thing I do now), I sent it to Locks of Love. But hearing they sell wigs to make a profit gave me pause.

It turns out Locks of Love doesn't charge kids for the wigs — but they do sometimes sell the hair if it's too short or grey. Once I dug into why, though, it made sense.

"Shorter hair will be separated from the ponytails and sold to offset the manufacturing costs. Although the shorter hair cannot be used in the hairpieces, it still greatly helps to reduce costs," the organization says on its website. "We can accept donations of gray hair. Because we only provide hairpieces to children, we cannot use this hair in a hairpiece but will sell it to offset our manufacturing costs."

None of the three organizations I looked into charge recipients for wigs. They do have slightly different requirements and missions, though.

Locks of Love and Wigs for Kids both give their hair donations to kids with any medical hair loss, while Pantene Beautiful Lengths focuses on adult cancer patients. Here's a breakdown of the three organizations:

Hair Donation Charity Bi Graphics

Deciding which organization to donate your hair to is a personal choice. I went with Beautiful Lengths this time because I wanted to help cancer patients.

Where does the hair go?

Once you send your hair in, the organizations process it and send it to a wig manufacturer.

A Pantene spokesperson told Business Insider that once Beautiful Lengths has enough hair donations at its collection location, they send a shipment to Hair U Wear, one of the largest wig manufacturers in the world.

Hair U Wear makes the wigs at its factory in Indonesia and then ships them back to Pantene, which gives the well-traveled hair to the American Cancer Society to distribute at its wig banks across the US.

Who gets the wigs?

Jessica Melore, 34, describes losing her hair as "an outward manifestation of being sick." It's a constant reminder that her body is fighting cancer — in the drain when she takes a shower, on her pillow when she wakes up.

She just finished chemotherapy for her third bout with cancer and said that getting a wig was an important boost for her wellbeing, making her feel like herself again.

"It's a little bit of sadness like, 'Oh there it goes, I'm on my way to being bald,'" Melore told Business Insider. "But you have that reassurance that the wig is there and you feel good about it."

This time, before she lost her hair, Melore donated it and got a wig from the American Cancer Society all in the same day. She broadcast the experience on the via Facebook Live with the ACS:

Pantene partners with the American Cancer Society to distribute the donations at its 43 wig banks nationwide. The Beautiful Lengths program has given out 42,000 wigs made from 800,000 real hair donations since it began in 2006. (It takes about eight ponytails to make one wig.)

Patti Allen, the senior director of mission delivery for the ACS of New York and New Jersey, told Business Insider that while they have styles for both sexes, mostly women come in for wigs.

Each ACS wig bank across the country has a salon where cancer patients can come pick out a wig and have it individually tailored by a professional stylist just like Melore did.

"It's not one size fits all. My hair is not like somebody else's hair. We really try to make the patient feel as comfortable as possible," Allen said. "It's hard enough that they're going through treatment that has altered their lifestyle. The wig is the least thing that we can do to try to make them feel a little bit better about what they're going through."

How can I donate?

hair donationEach organization has slightly different donation requirements, which you can find on their websites.

Pantene takes non-dyed hair that's less than 5% grey and at least 8 inches long. Locks for Love accepts hair that is grey or dyed (but not bleached) over 10 inches. Wigs for Kids will take grey, but not dyed, hair that is at least 12 inches long.

For all three, you can stretch curly hair out to reach the minimum length, but the shortest layers have to meet that number or they probably won't be used.

Make sure you put the hair in multiple ponytails or rubber bands before you cut it so it stays together when you send it in.

The hair has to be completely dry before you send it, too, so it doesn't get moldy. They have to throw hair away if it is.

Ask your hair salon if they will give you a discount or even cut your hair for free if you're donating it (mine did!). Wigs for Kids has a search function on their website to find a salon that works with them.

How can I get a wig?

While many of the 650,000 cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy every year in the US are able to grow their hair back after they complete treatment, alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that can cause permanent hair loss. Over 6.6 million Americans have alopecia or will get it at some point in their lives, according to the National Alopecia Areata Foundation, and it often begins in childhood.

If you have cancer, alopecia, or another medical affliction that has caused you to lose your hair, reach out to the organizations to see if you can get a wig. Pantene is the only one of the three that offers wigs to adults, so keep that in mind if you need one and are over 18.

No matter which organization you choose, your hair can help someone who no longer has theirs.

"I had been familiar with the American Cancer Society through their fundraising activities and the research that they do," Melore said. "But [it was comforting] to know that there was this whole other side that is dedicated to supporting you and making you feel like yourself, which is I think part of the whole experience, too, because it ties in with your whole sense of wellbeing. This is such a wonderful service."

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A look inside the secret Etihad lounge hidden in plain sight at JFK


As an Etihad passenger relaxing in the airline's lounge at JFK before takeoff, you may not even notice the other lounge hidden behind a secret door. This lounge within the lounge that is reserved for their highest-paying customers, the "Residence" ticket holders. 

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What you should talk about on a first date, according to research

What you should talk about on a first date, according to research

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