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Soylent is shipping a new meal replacement powder after reports of it making people vomit


soylent powder 1.7

Soylent is starting to ship a new version of its meal-replacement powder that aims to correct an issue that caused a small number of users to vomit upon drinking.

The Los Angeles-based startup quietly announced in a blog post that it would remove algal flour — a commonly used vegan substitute for butter and eggs that Soylent believes to be the culprit in making some users sick — from the Soylent Powder version 1.7 formulation.

"With these changes, our team believes we have responded to the issues a small number of community members experienced after consuming Powder 1.6," the post reads.

Soylent had a tough 2016. In August, the three-year-old startup released a food bar that claims to provide one-eighth of an average adult's recommended dietary needs. Fans initially celebrated its small, portable form factor — until they didn't.

Shortly after launch, users started to complain on Soylent's subreddit and the company's message boards that the bars caused them "intense vomiting" or "uncontrollable diarrhea."

A Reddit user who closely monitored the thread told Gizmodo there were 21 reports of customers becoming sick within one month of the bar's shipment.

In October, the company paused production of its powder after receiving similar reports. All in all, Soylent estimates less than 0.1% of customers had negative reactions to the product, however.

The algal flour used in Soylent's products is made by a company called TerraVia. It sells algae-based ingredients to companies like Unilever for lotions and soaps. In an interview with Bloomberg, a company executive maintained that the algal flour is safe.

Soylent Powder 1.7 will also taste less sweet and run a little thinner than its previous iteration.

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Forget the iPhone 7 — here are 10 reasons the 2017 iPhone will blow everyone away (AAPL)


iphone 8

It looks like there could be three new iPhones next year, two of which might be the S models of the iPhone 7.

We still expect an all-glass premium iPhone without borders or bezels, but it might have a smaller screen than previously expected.

Check out the latest rumors surrounding Apple's next next iPhone.

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There WILL be an S model of the iPhone 7.

A Barclay's report obtained by MacRumors said Apple would skip the S model, which has historically followed each new phone version, this year and jump directly from the iPhone 7 to the iPhone 8 — possibly called the iPhone 10 — in 2017.

Now, however, it appears we could expect S models of the iPhone 7 next year with updates to the processor and a new red color option, according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and the Japanese Apple blog MacOtakara.

The iPhone 7 S models could have bigger screens.

Barclays analysts reported in November that Apple is cooking up two iPhones with bigger screens than the usual 4.7- and 5.5-inch screens on the current iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Specifically, the analysts say the new screens will be 5 inches and 5.8 inches.

With all that said, the report doesn't specify that the new screen sizes are for S models of the iPhone 7 line. However, considering the rumor contains details on two new screen sizes, we could deduce that they're referring to two S models.

There will be a third "high-end" model with a medium-sized screen and a wraparound design.

A report from Kuo predicted that Apple would release a third "high-end" model with a larger 5.8-inch screen compared with the Plus model's 5.5-inch screen.

Yet more recent reports and rumors claim that the third high-end iPhone will have a smaller 5.1- or 5.2-inch screen that will wrap around the edges of the device. It sounds like a similar design concept as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

It's said that the high-end model could be more expensive than the usual $650+ for new iPhone releases.

Since 2017 marks the iPhone's 10th anniversary, it wouldn't be surprising if Apple does something special to mark the anniversary of its most important product.

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8 ways I trick myself into waking up early to go to the gym


Woman Jogging

Back in March, I signed up to run a half-marathon; partly out of a desire to challenge myself, mostly on a whim.

As the October race day loomed closer, the amount of time I needed to dedicate to running ramped up. I quickly realized that if I wanted to adequately train for my race and maintain any sort of social life, I needed to make morning workouts a habit.

Heading to the gym or lacing up for a run isn't always what I want to do first thing in the morning — especially in the heat of August — so I took a cue from my Business Insider colleague, Libby Kane, and found several ways to trick myself into getting up early to work out.

I can't guarantee that they'll work for you, but here are eight ways I motivate myself to get out of bed and break a sweat.

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I make getting up early a routine — even if I don't go to the gym

The combination of getting up before the sun and having to push through a tough workout is daunting. So I made getting up early routine. On days I don't have gym plans, I still try to wake up at the same time and meet friends for breakfast, enjoy quiet mornings at home, or even head into work early. Since I'm already used to rising early, it's one less obstacle to face on mornings that call for a workout.

I tell myself I have to run only 1 mile

The mental block of how hard my workout will be often discourages me from getting up. If I'm dreading running hills or finishing a difficult spin class, I'm more likely to hit snooze and "accidentally" run out of time to complete it. So I tell myself I only have to make it 1 mile — a 10-minute workout, tops. Once I'm up and actually exercising, I rarely stop after only a mile, but telling myself I'm allowed to does the trick to get me started.

I incentivize myself with good music

If I find a new (or new-to-me) song that fits in with the weird, curated mix of emo, hip-hop, and bubblegum pop that motivates me to run, I download it to my exercise playlist and let myself listen to it only while working out. The prospect of new music gives me something to look forward to while I work out — especially if I know it's the only place I can finally hear the song I've had stuck in my head for two days.

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Tony Robbins shares the key to achieving a great relationship

The French government created an algorithm that ranks the world's best restaurants — here are the top 23


Lemon tart Osteria Francescana

French officials have come up with an algorithm to determine the top 1000 restaurants in the world.

La Liste, which was released in December 2016, is run by former French foreign minister and current Deputy Chairman of the country's Tourism Promotion Board Philippe Faure. According to its website, it is "an algorithm-based aggregator of food guides and reviews, crafting the perfect ranking of the world’s best restaurants."

La Liste collects reviews from sites like Google, Tripadvisor and the Michelin Guide to find the restaurants with the best reputations. So far, it has collected almost one million reviews on restaurants in 135 countries worldwide.

From Paris to Tokyo, here are the 23 best restaurants in the world, according to the food capital of Europe.

23. Pavillon Ledoyen — Paris, France

Pavillion Ledoyen is owned and run by chef Yannick Alleno in Paris. Dishes like this chocolate ganache dessert are incredibly detailed.

22. Maison Troisgros — Roanne, France

Instagram Embed:
Width: 658px


This restaurant in France's Rhône-Alpes region has been run by the Troisgros family since 1930. The three Michelin-starred restaurant is currently led by head chef Michel Troisgrois, and his wife, Marie-Pierre.

The family is famous for being key players in the "nouvelle cuisine" movement, where presentation is key. This dish, called "rotten milk" and served with white truffle shavings, is a perfect example.

21. Kitcho Arashiyama — Kyoto, Japan

Instagram Embed:
Width: 658px


Kyoto's Kitcho Arashiyama decorates its delicate sushi dishes according to the season. It may not have made it into the top 20, but with a score of more than 98% in La Liste's ranking, it is one of the most prestigious restaurants in Japan.

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This is what it's really like at Trump Tower — which is disrupting life in New York


President-elect Donald Trump has made Trump Tower on busy Fifth Avenue in New York his official headquarters during his transition period. It has turned the area surrounding the building into somewhat of a chaotic scene.

Between protecting the president-elect, the future first family, as well as the many dignitaries, business leaders, and celebrities who have stopped by since Trump won the election, security is extremely visible. And will end up costing the city millions of dollars before Trump is inaugurated in January.

I went to Trump Tower to see what it's actually like to be there ... so you don't have to.

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'This is militarization': We finally know what China's mysterious hexagonal structures in the South China Sea are for



WASHINGTON, DC — The mysterious hexagonal facilities the Chinese began installing on man-made islands in the South China Sea appear to be antiaircraft and antimissile systems, according to the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative, a unit of the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

In August, AMTI published satellite imagery of several unidentified hexagonal structures on the Fiery Cross, Subi, and Mischief reefs.

The formations are always oriented toward the sea and started to appear in May, according to experts at AMTI.

"More recent satellite imagery suggests that these hexagonal structures are point defense systems that are designed to defend the land features and the assets on them from an attack," Bonnie Glaser, the senior adviser for Asia and director of the China Power Project at CSIS, told Business Insider.

What's more, Glaser notes that China is building these structures on all seven of the islets and reefs it occupies in the Spratly Islands.

Skip to the satellite images of the structures »

On Wednesday, as first reported by Reuters, AMTI director Greg Poling said he was "confident" in the identification of these structures.

"This is the first time that we're confident in saying they are anti-aircraft and CIWS (close-in weapons systems) emplacements. We did not know that they had systems this big and this advanced there," Poling told Reuters.

"This is militarization. The Chinese can argue that it's only for defensive purposes, but if you are building giant anti-aircraft gun and CIWS emplacements, it means that you are prepping for a future conflict."

Glaser echoed Poling, telling Business Insider, "although these systems are intended for self-defense, it is hard to argue that they are consistent with Xi Jinping's pledge to not militarize the islands."

It has been a little over five months since the Hague-based Permanent Court of Arbitration invalidated Beijing's vast territorial claims in the South China Sea. All the while, Beijing has maintained the ruling has no bearing and continues to build in the region.

Since 2013, China has created more than 3,200 acres of new land on its outposts in the Spratly Islands.

All photos republished with permission from the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

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Here's the location of the hexagonal structures on Subi Reef:

China began working on Subi Reef in July 2014 and has since reclaimed 976 acres. Subi Reef remains China's northernmost outpost in the Spratly Island chain.

Read more about Subi Reef »

A closer look at the structures:

For comparison, here's what one of the hexagonal structures looked like in July:

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12 gifts the modern gentleman actually wants this year

This $21,000 hotel suite comes with a private spa and bulletproof windows

7 celebrities blazing a trail in the legal weed industry


snoop dogg miley cyrus

As the movement to legalize marijuana goes mainstream, an increasing number of celebrities are stepping out of the cannabis closet. Some are looking for ways to cash in.

Entertainers including Snoop Dogg and Miley Cyrus have lent their names to marijuana strains, edibles, and weed-infused bath soaks.

Premium marijuana brands fetch high prices. An analysis by Marijuana Business Daily found that celebrity-branded strains are marked up 24% on average, generating $5 to $10 more per eighth of an ounce of pot. In an era when most strains are given arbitrary names like "Maui Wowie" and "Pineapple Express," new users might favor the weed their favorite singer trusts.

We rounded up the celebrities who have created innovative marijuana brands. Take a look below.

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Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi and Maya, a collaboration between Whoopi Goldberg and edibles maker Maya Elisabeth, aims to put an end to period pain with the healing powers of pot.

The Oscar-winning actress set out to create products that provided relief without leaving women feeling glued to the couch.

The brand includes edibles, tinctures, topical rubs, and a bath soak infused with cannabidiol, or CBD, a compound found in marijuana that could relieve pain without getting users high.

Snoop Dogg

The Doggfather launched one of the most beautiful lines of marijuana products we've ever seen in 2015.

Designed by the branding wizards at Pentagram, Leafs by Snoop includes concentrates, edibles, and eight strains of marijuana flower hand-picked by Snoop.

The packaging exudes a cool, laid-back vibe that befits Snoop's West Coast upbringing.

Miley Cyrus

Who would have thought little Hannah Montana would grow up to sell branded rolling papers on her 2014 Bangerz tour?

The 24-karat gold wrappers made quite a splash at the merch table.

According to the manufacturer, Shine, the papers should be used for "only legal smoking herbs." 

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A Chinese artist used glue and thousands of sheets of paper to create these amazing life-like statues

These are the only vitamins you should be taking — and the ones you should skip


Most of us were told to take our vitamins growing up. But decades of research has yet to show any substantial links to good health from vitamins, especially in supplement form. So we created a guide to all of the vitamins you should be taking, and all of the ones you should avoid.

Jenner Deal contributed reporting on a previous version of this article.

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What no woman wants to get for the holidays — and what to buy her instead


Makeup Applicator

Every man wants to get his mother, sister, girlfriend, or aunt a great gift for the holiday — hopefully one they won't return.

To that end, Loop Commerce— the e-gifting platform used by Ralph Lauren, Macy's, Neiman Marcus, and others — shared with us the gifts that were exchanged the most and least often on its platform.

When an e-gift is sent via Loop, it is bought and paid for on the retail site. The recipient is then notified via email, and they can either accept the gift by entering in their details or exchange it and receive a store gift card of the same value.

According to Loop's data — which is based on "thousands of transactions," a spokesperson said — the most commonly exchanged gift from men to women was a sponge makeup applicator. Yes, we mean the makeup-applying accessory that runs between $5 and $15. These sponges made up 9.6% of all of the gifts that were exchanged after being sent from men to women during the holidays 

If you, like most men, didn't need to be told that a sponge makeup applicator isn't a great gift for the holidays, you're probably feeling pretty good about yourself right now. If not, you still have the opportunity to get a real gift. Even if it's not your main gift, the message a makeup sponge sends probably isn't the best. Do better.

On the flip side, you're probably wondering what the sure bet is — the one no woman will exchange or return. According to Loop, that item is "deluxe high-color lip gloss." It's worth noting here that the recipient can choose the color of the item when accepting it.

The message here is clear: go glitzy and eschew practical. No one really wants a practical gift, after all.

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A tech exec just bought the penthouse in San Francisco's sinking skyscraper for $13 million


millennium tower grand penthouse 2

The penthouse apartment in San Francisco's leaning, sinking skyscraper just sold for a whopping $13 million to a longtime fixture of Silicon Valley, Wall Street Journal reports.

Buyer Craig Ramsey, who worked at Oracle for 16 years, is moving on up from a unit he owns on a lower floor to the two-bedroom home on Millennium Tower's 60th floor.

Millennium Tower, a $350 million skyscraper completed in 2008, has sunk 16 inches and tilted two inches since it opened. Its developers, residents, and city officials have been fighting for months over who is at fault for the tower's problems.

Take a look inside the penthouse.

Update: An earlier version of this article described and included photos of Millennium Tower's PH1A, a separate penthouse unit at the building's address.

SEE ALSO: A 58-story skyscraper in San Francisco is sinking and people are fighting over whose fault it is

The grand penthouse atop San Francisco's Millennium Tower was billed as the highest and largest condominium available for sale in northern California.

It sold for $13 million, which sets a new record for the building.

The previous owner, Tom Perkins, was considered one of the founding fathers of modern venture capital investing. He died in 2016.

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I found 9 years' worth of messages hidden in my secret Facebook inbox


After we learned that Facebook had been filtering messages into a hidden inbox, we found 9 years' worth of unread messages dating back to 2007 — including some important ones.

Original Reporting by Sam Shead. Jenner Deal contributed reporting on a previous version of this article.

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These striking images show just how overcrowded China's population really is

Successful power couples that stay together have 8 things in common


mark zuckerberg priscilla chan

From Google cofounder Sergey Brin's split from 23andMe founder Anne Wojcicki to SpaceX founder Elon Musk's second divorce from actress Talulah Riley, the separation of several high-powered couples could signal that extreme career success comes at the expense of relationship success.

But relationship experts say this doesn't always ring true. You can have a successful marriage and balance high-powered careers — it just takes work.

Dr. Michael McNulty, a master trainer from The Gottman Institute and founder of the Chicago Relationship Center, tells Business Insider maintaining a marital friendship, romance, and intimacy, managing ongoing conflict that is inevitable in marriage, and creating and maintaining a meaningful relationship is more challenging for partners with successful careers because they have less time to do so.

He says these couples are at more risk when the connection to the career becomes primary, and the commitment to and trust in the relationship becomes questionable. "Having a spouse addicted to work can feel like as much of a betrayal as extramarital affair to the other spouse," McNulty says.

But as research psychologist and couples counselor John Gottman explains in his book "What Makes Love Last," 40 years of research shows that trust and commitment are crucial to holding relationships together. "When both partners have a strong commitment to a relationship, this leads to a strong sense of trust, which makes love last," McNulty explains.

Here's how some of the most successful married couples keep their relationships strong:

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They prioritize spending time together

Handel Group co-president and life coach Laurie Gerber says shared experiences are key.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, for example, drew up a relationship agreement with his then-girlfriend and now-wife Priscilla Chan when she moved to Palo Alto, California, several years ago. In it, he agreed to take her on a date once a week and spend 100 minutes of alone time each week with her outside the office or his apartment.

McNulty says creating rituals can help. "Rituals are more formal ways of connecting and ensure spouses reserve time for one another or their families and make specific plans to do the things they want to do," he explains.

Whether it's a weekly date night or a trip for just the immediate family, he says busy, successful partners have to be more careful with their time to make sure they connect with one another and enjoy the things that define or give meaning to their relationships.

Their time is spent doing good

Gerber says it also helps if power couples spend time doing things outside of the ego.

Last year Zuckerberg and Chan launched the philanthropic LLC the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative together, and Bill and Melinda Gates have overseen their own foundation together since 2000. 

"People dedicated to making the world better or with a spiritual side seem to have more chance of success in partnership because they aren't depending on external factors only to feel good," she says.

They listen and empathize

"Make time every day to talk with your spouse, in person or by phone, about one another's lives," McNulty says, noting that texting is often not enough.

"Focus on the stressful things or events that are important to your spouse. Listen. Help your spouse express his or her feelings. Empathize. Show support. Don't problem solve or fix. Most of us just want to be heard," he explains.

According to McNulty, Gottman's research shows that this kind of conversation is the one common thing that all successful couples do after marriage therapy.

In The Gottman Method of Couple Therapy, he says this kind of conversation is called a "stress reducing conversation." "Successful, busy couples' relationships will suffer if they fail to find a way to have this type of conversation on a regular basis," McNulty says.

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Here's what you can do to help besieged, war-torn Aleppo, Syria


The crisis in Syria reached new, heartbreaking heights on Friday as a brokered cease-fire attempted to give tens of thousands of residents the opportunity to escape the besieged city of Aleppo.

aleppo syria

While watching a humanitarian disaster unfold before your eyes across the world may make you feel powerless, there are some things you can do to aid the people still in Syria, and the 4.8 million refugees who have fled since the civil war began nearly six years ago.

Here are some actions you can take to help:

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DON'T MISS: OBAMA: 'I feel responsible' for Syria

Donate to a charity

These 13 organizations received three or four stars (out of four) from Charity Navigator, an independent non-profit that rates charities based on their financial management and accountability. Here are links to their websites, listed in alphabetical order:

American Refugee Committee


Catholic Relief Services

Global Hope Network International


Helping Hand for Relief and Development

International Rescue Committee

Islamic Relief USA

Mercy-USA for Aid and Development

Oxfam America

Palestine Children's Relief Fund

Save the Children

United States Fund for UNICEF


Your time can be even more valuable than your money.

Instead of (or in addition to) donating to a charity helping Syrian refugees, volunteer with them.

Contact any of the charities listed on the previous slide (plus find more from USAID here) and ask them how you can give your time.

You can also join Doctors Without Borders and go to Syria or a European country where refugees have fled to.

If you live in several European countries or Canada, you can also list your home as a place where Syrian refugees can stay (sort of like a free Airbnb).

Educate yourself and others

Learn more about the crisis from official sources, and educate your friends and family about what you discover. The more you know about the crisis, the more you can help.

Here is more information about the situation in Syria from the United Nations Refugee Agency, the US State Department, and the USAID Center For International Disaster Information.

Keep up with the latest news on Business Insider's Syria page.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

You probably shouldn't buy your boss a gift this holiday season


Michael Scott Christmas party holiday party oven mitt

Gift-giving for the boss — it's a tricky subject many employees are pondering this holiday season.

Deciding whether to get your boss a holiday gift can be difficult, and choosing the right present can be even trickier.

Luckily for you, Rosalinda Oropeza Randall, an etiquette and civility expert and the author of "Don't Burp in the Boardroom," is here with some guidelines:

1. Determine whether exchanging gifts is the done thing in your workplace

Before you invest in a gift for your boss, check the policies and procedures manual, Randall suggests, or just call your HR department to make sure your boss is permitted to accept a gift from staff. 

2. Don't start a trend

It also couldn't hurt to ask around the office to see if gift-giving is the norm. If no one else gives a gift, it's best not to be the one to start the trend, Randall says.

3. Consider how it will look

Also, avoid gift-giving if your gesture be construed as kissing up to the boss or expecting something in return, or if your boss will be uncomfortable receiving a gift from you.

"When in doubt, don't do it!" Randall warns.

4. Don't go overboard

If you do decide to give your boss a gift this holiday season, don't go too crazy.

A nice note expressing your good wishes is really all you need, and if you want to give a gift, you're better off going with a small trinket like a "coffee on me" gift card in the amount of one cup of coffee, Randall says.

5. Be discreet

At the end of the day, even if all you give is a note, there's really no need to announce your gesture to your coworkers, Randall says. You don't want anyone resenting you for being the only one who thought to get a card. Or better yet, have all your coworkers sign the card, too.

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The easiest way to get rid of bad breath — according to a dentist

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